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Among the 100 best general hospitals in China, Hunan Cancer Hospital or the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Xiangya School of Medicine of Central South University is a "Grade IIIA" specialized cancer hospital and is certified by JCI. The hospital integrates medical care, research, education, prevention and rehabilitation. It is the cancer prevention research center of Hunan Province, the base of Hunan Provincial Cancer Medical Center, the Institute of Cancer Research, the Provincial Office of Cancer Prevention Research, the National Drug Clinical Trial Institutions, and Hunan Provincial Anti-Cancer Association.

Located at the northern Yuelu Mountain of Changsha and Xianjia Lake, the hospital was founded in 1972, covering an area of 110,000 square meters, and a floor space of 181,000 square meters, including 140,000 square meters of medical buildings, with fixed assets of 1.4 billion yuan.

First: Perfect organizational structure and advanced equipment and facilities.

By January 1, 2014, the hospital has been equipped with 1300 authorized beds, 1300 open beds, and 1785 employees, 296 of whom hold master’s degrees and 70 have doctoral degrees. The percentage of professionals reaches 91%, including 368 staff members with senior academic titles ( 21%) and 411 with intermediate academic titles (23%). Eleven experts receive the Special Government Allowance from the State Council─a national honor for outstanding specialists. Besides, there are 41 clinical departments, nine departments of medical laboratory and nine research labs.

The hospital owns a set of world’s most advanced equipment of the time: the first PET / CT in Hunan Province, IGRT and medical linear accelerator with multi-leaf collimators, automatic biochemical analyzer, Precise high-energy linear accelerator, Infinia ECT, 3.0T MRI, radiotherapy simulator CT, imported multislice spiral CT, digital flat panel gastrointestinal machine, imported flat breast machine, HD electronic chest laparoscopy and endoscopy, imported real-time four-dimensional ultrasound, etc., with 89 sets of equipment of over one million yuan. The outpatient medical hospital building with an investment of 500 million yuan has realizes a "one-stop" service and created broader space for the development of the hospital.

Second: Competent strength of the departments and all-around treatment approaches and methods. Currently, there are six provincial key clinical departments, and three national key clinical departments (oncology, specialist nursing, and integrated medicine). Having met the JCI International Hospital Standards, the hospital becomes the nation's first cancer hospital certified by the Commission.

Institutions attached to the hospital—the province's cancer prevention and treatment center—include the provincial radiotherapy quality control center, the provincial cancer chemotherapy quality control center and Hunan University Cancer Prevention Research Center; also, the Ministry of Health exemplary hospital for quality nursing, and the international colostomy technician school are located in the hospital. Besides, the hospital cooperates with Hunan University, Hunan Normal University and the National Southern Genome Center in carrying out research; meanwhile, it has established a long-term cooperative relationship with many other cancer prevention research institutions, such as Montpellier Cancer Center of France and MD Anderson Cancer Center of the USA as well as the Institute Curie, so that the hospital can keep abreast of the international standard of technology.

The hospital takes comprehensive treatment as its leading program, and has established 16 treatment centers according to types of diseases, with a comprehensive treatment plan for each disease, which paves the way for the standardized treatment.

In order to improve the curative effect, the hospital spares no effort to perfect the comprehensive treatment encompassing surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, TCM and integrative medicine, while conducting tumor surgery, minimally invasive surgery, tissue engineering, biological therapy, radionuclide therapy, molecular targeting, stem cell transplantation advanced vascular graft treatment, radiofrequency hyperthermia, and interventional therapy. The five-year survival rate of the hospitalized cases of 12 major malignant tumors has reached or exceeded the national standard. In collaboration with institutes or colleagues in Hong Kong, the hospital has been the first to carry out clinical spiritual care services and the Li Ka Shing Foundation Hospice care, constantly improving the quality of life of patients with malignant tumors.

Third: Perseverance in revitalizing the hospital through science and technology and promoting healthcare development.

During 2011~2013, the hospital has won 12 provincial research awards; it has also conducted 193 provincial and ministerial research projects, published 665 academic papers, including 23 in SCI journals, 70 co-published papers, 309 papers in core journals, and won six patents.

The hospital has established the Tumor Pharmacy Journal and founded postdoctoral mobile workstations. It is equipped with an advanced central laboratory, laboratory animal center, translational medical research center and six clinical treatment centers (the branch center of the National Clinical Research Institute of Esophageal Cancer, the provincial lung cancer prevention research center, the provincial child cancer prevention research center, the provincial tumor biological immune treatment center, the provincial radiation oncology center, and the provincial thyroid cancer treatment center).

The Hunan provincial clinical medical technology research center of plastic surgery of tumors is located in the hospital, which is also the standardized training base of cancer resident doctors/ specialists, cancer specialist nurses as well as tumor therapists in Hunan.

Since it was founded 40 years ago, the hospital has always been adhering to the service philosophy of "people- oriented, patient-centered" and "patient first, society first"; it offers the cancer patients high-quality services with superb medical expertise and technology at reasonable prices, and makes contributions to the cause of cancer prevention in Hunan. Its comprehensive strength ranks top among hospitals of the same type and at the same level in the country;

It has received 40 provincial awards; has won the honor of “Excellent Team”or “Advanced Institute”three times in national healthcare and hospital cultural development and seven times in the provincial health sector and hospital professionalism development; and has been awarded the title of “Popular and Trustworthy Medical Institute of the Year 2012”by China Ministry of Health and People's Network.

Throughout the growth of in the hospital,, the spirit of “love, dedication, truth-seeking, being down-to-earth” has been developed, and“making concerted efforts to build a strong and prosperous hospital and servicing the patients heart and soul” has become the hospital motto.

Standing at a new historical juncture, the hospital staff, together with people from all walks of life, will dedicate their persevering ambition, high professionalism,, superb skills and great thoroughness to medical practice, forging the hospital into an internationally recognized cancer center in the region and a national top-level hospital with advanced technology, excellent service and high-quality management.

The hospital pledges :

1. Treat the patients equally with enthusiasm, patience, meticulousness and thoughtful service.

Report the results of medical examination with quality guaranteed and in due time.

2. Implement the national policies of prices and medical fees, with no unauthorized, repeated or sub-item charges.

3. Ban fake and inferior products and never produce or sell unauthorized or unlicensed medicines and preparations.

4. Do not accept commission of any sort and ensure legal and appropriate medical examination, durg use and clinical treatment.

5. Say no to “Red Packetss”, gifts and banquets from patients and their relatives for medical services.

Complaints Hotline: 88651808

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