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Adhering to the hospital aim of "everything for patients", and emphasizing "safe blood transfusion" as an eternal theme, Blood Transfusion Departmentofthe Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University and Hunan Cancer Hospital firmly establish the service concept of "quality means life", providing 24-hour safe, timely and effective blood service for the clinic.

Led by the Hospital Blood Management Committee, Blood Transfusion Department carries out various worksin accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on the blood transfusion laboratory management. The department has the latest blood transfusion management information system, Spainishiautomatic blood type and blood matching system, Metis160 automatic blood type and blood matching system, JapaneseSanyo blood bankrefrigerator,thermostatic oscillation platelet storage box, Besso full temperature control monitoring intelligent plasma thawing instrument, Besso blood type serological special centrifugeand other equipment. Besides, the department carriesout experiment projects including ABO positive and negative blood type identification, RHD blood type identification, irregular antibody screening, cross matching, difficult blood type identification, and difficult blood matching and so on.

At present,in the Blood Transfusion Department, there are 7 professional technicians, including 1 person with senior titles, 2persons with intermediate titles, and 5persons withjunior titles, and there is a quality management system covering the whole process of clinical blood use for the promotion of rational clinical use of blood. According to the blood supply plan of Changsha Blood Center, the department coordinates in real-time clinical blood use, andisresponsible for reservation,warehousing, storage and distribution of blood, blood transfusion compatibility testing and transfusion-related immune serological testing, as well as promotion of new blood protection and transfusion technique such as autologous blood transfusion.The department also participates in the consultation for the cases of special blood transfusion treatment and in the investigation of clinical adverse blood use events, and provides blood transfusion related consultation services for  medical staff, patients and their families. 

  • OUYANG Shujuan

    Associate Chief Technician&Head of Department

    clinical blood transfusion technology

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Tel: 89762690
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