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With advanced equipment, functional maturation, high detection level, standardized management and reliable quality, Clinical Laboratory of Hunan Cancer Hospital is a comprehensive laboratory integrating clinical examination, teaching and scientific research. The overall scale and layout of the laboratory are normalized and standardized, and theinformatization degree reachesthe first-class level in the whole province. It is the first tumor specialized subject hospital laboratory passingISO15189 laboratory accreditation and has passedJCI International Medical Standard Certification in January 2014.

Quality is the lifelineand is forever the first priority of the Laboratory. The Clinical Laboratory passed through on-site assessment ofISO15189 accreditation in 2012 and the supervisory assessment ofISO15189 accreditation in 2013. In many years, Clinical Laboratory has participatedin the external quality assessment (EQA) programsorganized by the Ministry of Health and Hunan Center for Clinical Laboratory (HNCCL) and has made excellentachievements. The molecular biology laboratory was approved by the Ministry of Health and incorporated with Chinese National Human Genome Center at Shanghai into a joint laboratory for individualized drug use.

The laboratory has always emphasized the talent training and introduction, and now has a discipline team withareasonable structure in age, education background and knowledge. At present, there are 38 various professional technicians atdifferent levels, including19 persons with senior title and 13 persons with master's degree or above. They have strong clinical, scientific research and teaching capabilities, and thetalent echelon is beingupdated constantly.

The laboratory has six specialized laboratories, including clinical laboratory, biochemical laboratory, immune laboratory, molecular biology laboratory, microbiology laboratory and individualized treatment laboratory. It can carryout more than280 inspectionitems, with sufficient automatic instrument equipment ensuring the high-quality completion of a large number of daily medical tests and smooth development of teaching and scientific research. The laboratory has advanced large-scale instrument and equipment with strong automatic clinical sample processing capacity, such as multiple automatic blood analyzer and body fluid analysis systems, multiple automatic biochemical detectors, immunoassay systems, gene sequencing systems, FC-500 flow cytometry and CELLTRACkS circulating tumor cell detectors. With the qualification for AIDS screening laboratoryin Hunan Province, the laboratory is the first laboratory in the province carryingout the genovariationdetection of tumor individualized drug-related genes, for example, various tumor routine chemotherapy drugs related genes such as EGFRand Kras, etc. Meanwhile, the laboratory also carries out the detection items such as whole lymphocyte subgroup analysis, lymphoma and leukemia typing, multiple myelopathy typing and hematopoietic stem cell count, etc., providing basis for the diagnosis, treatment, efficacy evaluation and prognosis of cancer patients.

While carrying out medical inspection works, the laboratory is also responsible for the work such as teaching, scientific research and talent training. The laboratory currently undertakes the tasks from multiple colleges such as Xiangya School of Medicine of Central South University, Hunan Normal University School of Medicine and Changsha Medical University, etc., including medical examination practice, training and learning in the province and training of the test personnel of primary hospitals. In the past five years, the laboratory has had 6 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects approved, published several papers in statistical sources/core journals, and participated in the compilation of 2 textbooks and 2 monographs.

In line with the aim of "everything for patients", the laboratory adheres to the quality policyof "objective and accurate, high-quality service, scientific management and continuous improvement", and strives to provide accurate, timely, efficient and high-quality service for patients and clinical medical department laboratory, innovating and advancing continuously.

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