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Dr. YU Xiaoping
Diagnostic Radiology Department, Professor&Director
  • Education & Professional Experiences:


    2012-present, Doctor of Medicine( M.D.) , Central South University 

    2001, Master of Medicine, Central South University .

    1995, Bachelor of Medicine, Nanjing Railway Medical College.


    Professional Experience:

    2010-present, Director and Professor ,Department of Diagnostic Radiology ,Hunan Cancer Hospital .

    2006-2010, Vice Director and Associate Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology,Hunan Cancer Hospital .

    2002-2005, Attending Doctor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology ,Hunan Cancer Hospital .

    1995-1998, Resident  Docter, Department of Diagnostic Radiology ,Hunan Cancer Hospital.

  • Specialty:

    Cancer imaging diagnosis

  • Research:

    nasopharyngeal carcinoma(NPC), cervical carcinoma, rectal carcinoma 2 Research Projects of Hunan Science & Technology Department.

    2 Research Projects of Hunan Health Department

  • Publications:


    《Skull Base Imaging Diagnosis》 


    1. YU XP,LU Q, LI FP, et al. Correlation Between Quantitative Parameters of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI and Clinical Stage of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Chinese Journal of Oncology(accepted).

    2. YU XP,LU Q,LI FP, et al. Value of MRI Perfusion Quantitative Parameters in Differentiating Undifferentiated and Differentiated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Journal of China Clinic Medical Imaging(accepted).

    3. YU XP, LI FP,LU Q, et al. Relationship of MRI Perfusion Quantitative Parameters and ADC Value to the T Stage in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Radiologic Practice(accepted).

    4. YU XP, WEN L, ZHOU YJ, et al. Correlation between apparent diffusion coefficient and semi-quantitative parameters of dynamic contrast enhanced MR in cervical carcinoma at 3.0T MR. J Med Imaging, 2014, 24:1193-1196. 

    5. YU XP .Imaging findings of deep-lobe parotid tumors involving the parapharyngeal space. Journal of Practical Radiology(accepted).

    6. YU XP .CT and MRI findings of basal cell adenoma of the parotid gland. Chinese Imaging Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine, 2012,10: 298-300. 

    7. YU XP. CT appearances of ovarian granulosa cell tumor.  Radiologic Practice , 2012,27:1117-1119. 

    8 YU XP, L IANG ZY, WANG P. CT Diagnosis of Ovarian Malignant Germ Cell Tumors. Journal of Clinical Radiology, 2009,28:1101-1104

    9. YU XP. CT Findings of Immature Teratomas in Chest and Abdomen. Radiologic Practice, 2009;24(08):  863-865

    10. YU XP, LIANG ZY, WANG P. CT Diagnosis of Ovarian Yolk Sac Tumor. Journal of Clinical Radiology, 2008;27(11):  1523-1525

    11. YU XP. CT manifestations of ovarian malignant teratomas. J Med Imaging, 2008;18(6):  646-648

    12 YU XP. CT characteristics of ovarian dysgerminoma .Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2008, 7:735-737.

    13. YU XP. CT diagnosis of retroperitoneal and mesenteric cystic masses. J Med Imaging,2008;18(11):  1274-1277

    14. YU XP. Imaging findings of intrahepatic single-cystic metastases. Journal of Practical Medical Imaging, 2008;9(4):  239-241

    15. YU XP, LIANG ZY, WANG P. Imaging Appearance of Nasal Rhabdomyosarcoma in Adult. Journal of Clinical Radiology, 2006;25(7):  612-615.

    16. YU XP, FU Y. CT features of atypical carcinoid of the lung. Chinese Imaging Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine,2006;4(3):  186-187,190

    17. YU XP, WANG P, LIANG ZY. Cavitary Pulmonary Metastases: CT Features and Their Correlation with the Pathology of the Primary Malignancy. Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2004, 3:29-33

    18. YU XP, LIANG ZY, WANG P,et al.CT Diagnosis of Primary Mesenteric Tumors. Journal of Clinical Radiology, 2004;23(8):  704-707

    19. YU XP, LIANG ZY, WANG P, et al.Helical CT investigation of hepatic hemangioma with radiofrequency ablation. Chin J Med Imaging Technol, 2004;20(5):  722-725.

    20. YU XP, WANG P, LIANG ZY,et al. CT diagnosis of benign retroperitoneal tumors. J Med Imaging, 2003;13(11):  820-822.

    21. YU XP.CT and X-ray finding of scapula tumors. Journal of Chinese Physician, 2005;7(1):  133-134.

    22. WANG W, YU XP, MAO J,et al. Comparative imaging study on monkeys with hemiparkinsonism. Chin J Radiol , 2003 , 37 (1):5-10

  • Awards:

  • Out-patient Schedule:

    Tuesday afternoon

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