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The Department of Diagnostic Radiology of Hunan Cancer Hospital provides highest quality of specialized imaging services for all the patients admitted to various units of the hospital and on an outpatient basis at multiple locations throughout Hunan in a compassionate, efficient, and cost effective manner, and undertakes the mission of patient care, education, research and diagnosis and precaution of tumor.



Our department offers a complete range of examination, the early cancer screenings and the diagnostic and interventional procedures in general radiology and subspecialty areas, which involves 12 examination rooms and 1 interventional operating room. Now there are the 14 medical instruments, which value more than 80,000,000 yuan, including multi slice spiral CT,MR, DSA, self-service film and reports printing system, the PACS system and so on. More than 2000 thousands people have their examination done here every year.

General diagnostic radiology includes digital X-rays of the chest, abdomen and extremities. It also includes fluoroscopy (an X-ray "movie") procedures, such as upper and lower GI (gastrointestinal) series and barium enemas.

Breast Imaging (mammogram) is an X-ray of the breast, used to detect and diagnose breast diseases. A diagnostic mammogram is used to diagnose breast abnormalities, such as a lump, pain, nipple thickening or a change in breast size or shape, which may be detected in a screening mammogram. 

Computed tomography (CT) scan uses a combination of X-rays and advanced computer technology to produce more-detailed, cross-sectional views -- horizontal, vertical and 3-D views -- of the body, including bones, muscles, fat, organs and blood vessels. 

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging test that produces high-quality and detailed images of the body without the use of radiation. The images are created by using a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to process the information. 

Our team

Our extensive, highly trained team of diagnostic radiologists consist of 27 board-certified doctors, including 1 professor, 8 associate professors; 2 Medical Doctors, 10 Master of medicine; there are also 8 nurses and 22 radiologic technologists, including 1 chief technologist, 4 associate chief technologists. Some of our doctors serve as the chairman or the active members in the national/provincial academic community. The radiologists have been divided into 5 clinical and research groups, including the head and neck group, muscle and bone group, chest group, abdomen group and imaging technology group. 

Radiologic technologists are licensed medical professionals who perform diagnostic imaging examinations. They are educated in anatomy, patient-positioning techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety and basic patient care. Technologists often specialize in a particular diagnostic imaging area, such as CT, MR, breast imaging, nuclear medicine, PET or ultrasound imaging. They are all board certified to perform these examinations under the direction of the radiologist.

Education and research

Led by a team of board-certified radiologists, physician specialists and other imaging professionals, the department also participates in the training of undergraduates, as well as related research projects and clinical trials, in the field of Radiology. We have conducted 5 research projects at ministry/ provincial level. We places great effort upon basic and continued medical education and training, emphasizing upon basic principles, methodology, training individual independence. We provide classes about medical imaging to all the doctors from relevant departments and hold the seminar of complicated cases regularly. Our department has been rewarded as the advanced department of hospital, the department with excellent service, the best teaching department and so on.

Cancer Screening

Our department also pay great attention to the diagnosis and precaution of cancer. Recent years, our department has participated in the national project of the “early diagnosis and early treat of cancer”, which including thousands of cases of lung cancer and breast cancer screening. As the first one to finish the task during the 9 provinces involved in the program, the department had won high affirmation by the national health and family planning commission of China and the national cancer center.

With our multidisciplinary team and state-of-the-art technology, we will maintain a consistent quality of clinical service and academic excellence in our dynamic practice of radiology. Now more than ever, the Department of Radiology looks to meet the challenges of appropriateness, proficiency, and safety in this rapidly changing health-care environment.

  • Dr. YU Xiaoping


    Cancer imaging diagnosis

  • Dr. HE Qing

    Associate Professor&Vice Director

    X-ray、CT、MRI ,Cancer imaging diagnosis,interventional therapy

  • Dr. ZHANG Tiegang

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. PENG Shi

    Associate Professor

    X-ray,CT,MRI ,bariu- meal examination diagnosis

  • LIU Yan

    Associate Professor

    X-ray、CT、MRI ,imaging diagnosis of Cancer/Usual Diseases,new technolgy of CT and MRI, and its application in clinic

  • ZHANG Hua

    Associate Professor

    X-ray、CT、MRI diagnosis,teaching

  • Dr. YANG Shuang

    Associate Professor

    X-ray、CT、MRI ,Cancer imaging diagnosis, especially in Mammography /MRI for Breast Diseases

  • Dr. ZHENG Hong

    Associate Professor

    Imaging diagnosis of tuomr of Skull , Head and Neck, bone and muscle; new technolgy of CT and MRI, and its application in clinic

  • AI Shaodong

    Associate Professor

  • LIU Jun

    Associate Professor

  • Hou Weiwei

    Associate Professor

  • ZHANG Zhiyuan

    Chief Technician

    MRI,especially in special MRI scaning Technique

  • CHEN Xuejun

    Associate Chief Technician

    X-Ray , CT , MRI scaning Technique

  • LU Qiang

    Associate Chief Technician

    new X-Ray , CT , MRI scaning Technique

  • HU Junhua

    Associate Chief Technician

    X-Ray , CT , MRI scaning Technique

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Tel: 89762571
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