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Department of Ultrasound in Hunan Cancer Hospital was established in 1984. With 30 years development, the department now turns out to be equipped with advanced technology,excellent equipment and comprehensive business. There are 23 medical staffs with proper composition professionally and technically, including personnel in science, engineering, medicine, research and laboratory. There are 8 professors/associated professors, 10 attending doctors,and 5 resident, in whom three is 1 Ph.D. supervisor. There are 12 middle-level and high-end color ultrasound devices in the Department, including the Siemens, Philips, GE universal, Hitachi , Toshiba , Yum and so on, equiped with picture and report systerm.

Our department provides a complete range of service ,mainly including ordinary Ultrasound and diagnosis and therapy of Interactive Ultrasound

General Ultrasound:including Color Doppler Ultrasound examination of superficial organs(thyroid,breast,scrotum,superficial lymph nodes and extremities),cardiovascular,abdomen and retroperitoneal organs(liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, ureter and retroperitoneal tumors and lymph nodes),  pelvic organs(bladder, prostate, uterus and the adnexa) and Ultrasound during surgeon;Transvaginal Ultrasound, Transrectal Ultrasonography, and so on. The department play important role in diagnosing, judging the clinical stages、making the therapy plan of cancer.

The department of Ultrasound is always working on providing high quality service to patients and clinical units. We take the lead in the diagnosic level of the thyroid, breast, gynecologic and cardiovascular tumor.

Ultrasound or Sonogram uses ultrasonic (high-frequency) sound waves to produce computer-displayed images of organs, tissues and blood vessels. It is typically a painless procedure that uses no radiation.

New technology

1.interventional ultrasound

We started interventional ultrasound by the Ultrasound-guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Cytology in July, 1986,as the first one in Hunan Province. Now, we have already started the interventional ultrasound like: Ultrasound guided percutaneous aspiration in pleural cavity, abdominal cavity or pericardial cavity, US-guided needle aspiration biopsy in prostate and so on. Our accuracy rate of aspiration biopsy in breast cancer has reached 98%,while 85% in tumors of other organs.

Our department firstly start the digestive endoscopy rectal cancer in 2009, to observe the rectal mass and lymph nodes in/outside the rectum, which provides great value in judging the clinical stage of rectal tumor and choosing the right modus operandi.

2.US Elastography:

Elastography imaging is paving the way towards better diagnosis of tumours and lesions, with encouraging advances in breast imaging, thyroid imaging. It is always used in the qualitative diagnosis of breast and thyroid tumor united with the general Color Doppler Ultrasound imaging

3. Ultrasound-guided Mammotome in Treatment of breast disease

Guided by the real-time Ultrasound,clinical doctors can perform percutaneous aspiration  biopsy and microinvasive therapy in breast mass.

4. Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound

Using the microbubble ultrasound contrast agent  to observe the  oxygen supply of the tumor,in order to make the qualitative diagnosis of tumor, especially in the liver and kidney. 

5. Therapy under ultrasonography guidance

Guided by ultrasonography,clinical doctors can perform the local hyperthermia or  the radionuclide therapy for the malignant tumor ,using ultrasonically activated scalpels or the radioactive seed implantation.

Cancer Screening

Our department has participated in the national project of the city cancer screening of Hunan since 2012, which including liver cancer and breast cancer screening. We have already completed over 10,000 cases of the liver and breast cancer screening with huge experience.

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