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CPOS 2016 Annual Meeting in Changsha

admin2016-08-19from:Human Cancer Hospital

“Practicing Psychological Concern on Tumor Suffers, Upholding the Ideology of Medical Humanities”. The Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Psychosocial Oncology Society was held in Changsha, Hunan from June 16 to June 19, 2016 in order to explore a development path suited to China’s psychosocial oncology and cultivate professionals on psycho-oncology. This annual conference was also the Eighth Annual Academic Conference of the Training Class on Psychology and Palliative Care of Tumor Suffers of the Peking University Cancer Hospital, and the Professional Committee of Clinical Spiritual Care and Management of Association Hunan Hospital. It is reported that Chinese Psychosocial Oncology Society (CPOS) was established in 2006 with constant efforts and promotion of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and professionals aspiring to embark on the psychosocial oncology. Wang Ying, Secretary-General of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Zhao Ping, Director-General of Cancer Foundation of China, Yuan Xudong, Director of Department of Economic and Technological Experts of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Liu Xiangguo, Deputy Inspector of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province and the Director of the Hunan Cancer Hospital and other honored guests also attended the annual conference and delivered speeches.

In clinc spiritual workshops, clinical spiritual carers from Hunan Cancer Hospital shared classic cases and talked about how to establish the trust with patients and communication skills.

A Great Event of Medical Humanities Unfolded in Changsha

This annual meeting not only focused on the training for a variety of techniques and skills, but also laid more emphasis on the education of thanatology and humanistic medicine. " We have invited well-known experts from home and abroad to give lectures with regard to the frontier of the discipline of psycho-oncology, education of thanatology, humanistic medicine, and palliative care. At the same time, we have also established home care workshops, spiritual workshops, music therapy workshops and psychological distress screening workshops for tumor suffers. Consequently, it was indeed a “great event of medical humanities”.

At the special event for psycho-oncology, Professor Barry Bultz from Tom Baker Cancer Center spoke of the challenges and opportunities from the patient to the Cancer Center; Professor Yu Xin from the Institute of Mental Health of Peking University delivered the keynote speech named as “what can psychological department do for tumor suffers?”; Professor Xiao Shuiyuan from Central South University presented the problem of suicide in tumor suffers and the countermeasures; Professor Jeffrey Wefel from the MD Anderson Cancer Center stated the cognitive function of adult tumor suffers, thereby showing from multiple perspectives how is the psychosocial oncology integrated into the comprehensive clinical treatment of tumor. In clinc spiritual workshops, clinical spiritual carers from Hunan Cancer Hospital shared classic cases and talked about how to establish the trust with patients and communication skills.

Different from the academic events that impart skills and expertise, the event of thanatology education was more special. Well-known experts from Beijing, Taiwan and other places spoke of what is life, what is death and how to correctly view the life and death.

The Advent of China’s First Guide to Psychotherapy of Tumor

The number of cancer patients is skyrocketing in China. During the annual meeting, Mr. Zhao Ping noted in the oration that half of cancer patients cannot be cured by medical treatment at present. If they cannot be cured, we should strive to bring care and comfort to them from a holistic perspective. “Improving patient’s quality of life is an integral evaluating indicator in oncology,” he said.

However, China started late on psycho-oncology, lacking authoritative theoretical guidance. Therefore, how the psychotherapy of tumor in clinical practice can be correctly conducted?

On the day of the annual meeting, Tang Lili, chairman of CPOS, Professor of Beijing Cancer Hospital, declared that “China’s Guide to Psychotherapy of Tumor” has been published. Not only it is China’s first standard for psychotherapy of tumor, it can also help health care workers and even family members of patients learn and improve their psychological counseling skills. Therefore, it is a landmark reference book for the clinical practice of tumor psychotherapy.

Liu Xiaohong, one of the executive chairman of the meeting and deputy party secretary of Hunan Tumor Hospital, noted that CPOS had made brilliant achievements during ten years of development. Professional Committees of psycho-oncology including in Hunan have been established at provincial or municipal levels, which provide backbones of psycho-oncology for these provinces. Hope that in the future under the guidance of the book, we can actually practice psychotherapy of tumor and uphold medical humanities.

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