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The Gastroenterology and Urology Department is a clinical unit which achieves a close integration of treatment, teaching and research and applies a variety of advanced medical treatment technologies of cancer, mainly chemotherapy and targeted therapy for gastrointestinal cancer and genitourinary cancer. Now the department is the leading institution of the Gastroenterology Committee of Hunan Medical Association, and the only treatment center of both digestive and urologic oncology in Hunan Province. At present, working at the department are 30 professionals, including two chief physicians, seven associate chief physicians, three MDs, six postgraduates, one associate chief nurse, 4four supervisor nurses and eight senior nurses. The department provides 69 sickbeds, and receives and treats a great many cancer patients from different provinces of the country.

Being the center of digestive oncology and genitourinary oncology, the department involves in a wide range of cancer treatments, with a focus on chemotherapy, targeted therapy and biological therapy of gastric cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gallbladder cancer, and other gastrointestinal tumors as well as kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other malignant urinary and reproductive system cancers. Meanwhile, achievements are made in intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy and medical treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, malignant lymphoma, nasopharyngeal cancer and other common cancers, having a nation-wide influence in this field. The department is the first in Hunan Province to carry out chrono-chemotherapy by using the French multi-channel computer-controlled infusion pump It is also the first in Hunan Province to perform CT-guided automated cutting biopsy and coaxial puncturing of lung and mediastinal masses (including lung tumors smaller than 1 cm), with a 100% drawing rate, a diagnostic accuracy of over 90% and an incidence of puncture complications lower than 1%. Extensive genetic polymorphism detection of cancer patients is conducted, to study cancer treatment efficacy and toxicity prediction from molecular oncology and molecular pharmacology; as a result, patients’ outcomes are improved and the toxicity of chemotherapy is reduced, bringing the therapeutic levels of the department to a new height in China. Multi-disciplinary collaboration between various departments is established and a consultation system within the department is set up to offer each patient individualized treatment on the basis of his or her specific condition in combination with the latest international treatment guidelines and evidence-based medical principles. The department undertakes national clinical research projects of new anti-tumor drugs and it has also developed multi-center clinical collaboration with a number of medical institutions in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer, further improving the depratment’s overall treatment level and enhancing its academic influence in the country. In recent years, staff members of the department have been engaged in six research projects funded by provincial departments, actively developed new technology programs, and published more than 50 papers. Dozens of trainee doctors and medical interns have received training in the department; a number of trainee doctors have become oncology department directors of local hospitals in their district, city or county. The department has set up a quality control (QC) team, their QC activities have won a provincial-level first prize, and the team has received the title of "National Excellent Quality Management Group" and has also been granted the Lotus Award of "Role Models of the Provincial Health System".

The department has a high-quality team of skilled nursing professionals including spiritual care-givers, chemotherapy nursing specialists, ostomy nurses and dietitians. They have accumulated a wealth of clinical experience in chemotherapy, and have been involved in a number of nursing research projects. Considering the characteristics of chemotherapy patient care , they vigorously implement the peripherally inserted central catheter(PICC) and micro-infusion pumps and other new nursing technologies. They are the first in Hunan Province to apply the B ultrasound-guided PICC and infusion port of implantation, effectively resolving the chemotherapy problem of patients receiving difficult vascular puncturing, better protecting the patients’ blood vessels, greatly improving the preciseness of drug administration time in chemotherapy, and well reducing the patients’ suffering. Effective methods of nursing care for chemotherapy-induced intravenous injury are developed and the patients’ quality of life and curative effect get improved. Priority is given to the patient's rehabilitation care and overall postoperative ostomy nursing after gastrointestinal oncological surgery including social, psychological and physical care. The department also undertakes clinical training for chemotherapy nurses and PICC nurses in Hunan Province.

  • Dr. YIN Xianli

    Professor & Director

    Have been engaged in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of tumor. Extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of multiple tumors. Familiar with domestic and external development. Good at using various techniques to diagnose and treat. For gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, knot, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and other digestive tract tumor, genital tract cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and lymphoma, the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and other diseases have research, first in the province of spiral CT guided the pleura and lungs small lumps automatically cutting biopsy

  • Dr. LIU Zhenyang

    Professor & Vice Director

  • Dr. SHEN Hua


  • Dr. LI Yong


  • Dr. ZENG Deyu

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. ZENG Yidong

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. XIANG Fang

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. YANG Xiaolin

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. ZHOU Huijun

    Associate Professor

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