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Chrono-chemotherapy —— New Methods of Malignant Tumor Treatments 

admin2014-11-05from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Cyclical rhythms regulated by "biological clock" is the common phenomenon of biology, endogenous rhythms govern the body's physiological activities change with photoperiod day-night rhythm, and at the same time also affects the drugs, including the drug metabolism and efficacy of the chemotherapy drugs. According to the principle of hour of pharmacology, normal cells and cancer cells have different "biological clock" regulatory mechanisms, biological rhythm differences of normal tissue, and tumor tissue drug metabolism result that normal cells and cancer cells actively are divided into different periods, which provide the Chrono-chemotherapy of malignant tumors a temporary window. Therefore, the method of giving medicine with time that avoids the period of normal cells actively division, and gives high doses of anticancer drugs in periods of time cancer cells actively dividing likely reduce the side effects for normal cells, improve curative effect, improve the quality of survival, and can also improve the survival rate. Research shows that all of the anticancer chemotherapy drugs have pharmaclogical time, different chemotherapy drugs have different optimal dosing time, to give a chemotherapy drug in a certain period of time will double the effect with half of the effort. According to biological rhythm of the normal tissue, tumor tissue and drug metabolism, tumor Chrono-chemotherapy is a kind of treatment that the body take in chemotherapy drugs at the best time when tumor tissue is most sensitive to drug and/or the drup affects the body at its lowest toxic level. 

At present, a multichannel programming infusion pump (melodie pump) produced by the French is being used in clinical practice, giving medicine with time in the form of sine curve under computer program-controll for hour, can strictly control the peak time of the drugs, precisely hit cancer cells, and achieve real Chrono-chemotherapy. As successful application of the Chrono-chemotherapy first in France, especially chemotherapy treatment of colorectal cancer, scholars home and abroad went on to carry out the clinical research on other malignant tumor. Since  the introduction of three Melodie multi-channel programming infusion pump Chrono-chemotherapy pumps in 2010,our department takes a lead in using precise Chrono-chemotherapy to treat malignant tumor in Hunan Province, which filled the gaps and got some experience in the field. We carried out infusion pump Chrono-chemotherapy treatment via the Melodie multi-channel programming for hour on hundreds of patients with colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and lung cancer. Owe to this ,we got a number of research grants from our provincial department of health, and the provincial department of technology , Chrono-chemotherapy technical treatments for malignant tumors are also awarded highest prize in terms of new technology and are approved the scientific technology development platform in our hospital . Our experience has shown that compared with conventional chemotherapy, curative effect for patientsundergoing Chrono-chemotherapy has improved, toxic and side effect is reduced, the quality of life is improved, which further proves the advantage of Chrono-chemotherapy: corresponding increasing drug dosage at the the lowest time of the toxicity, improves curative effect, and achieve the goal of high efficiency and low toxicity.

Currently, chemotherapy is still effective treatment for most malignant tumors, but the toxicity and intolerance of chemotherapy drugs often become the bottleneck of treatments, limits its further development and application in clinical practice. While Chrono-chemotherapy at least has the following strength: 1, reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs, keep chemotherapy effect of standard doses, and improve the quality of survival;2, corresponding increase drug dosage at the lowest time of the toxicity, improve curative effect, so as to achieve the goal of the high efficiency and low toxicity.

Chrono-chemotherapy pump is portable, easy and simple to handle, it provides a new method for the development of medical tumor treatment, benefits numbers of tumor patients.

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