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Patients’ Joint Efforts in Clinical Studies, Better and Newer Treatments

admin2014-11-05from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Great achievements have been made in recent 10 years concerning the treatments of a variety of tumors including lung cancer. Thanks to the clinical research, some terminal lung cancer patients extend their lives from previous 1 year or so to nearly 3 years. In the course of clinical research, some new or good medicine, new drugs or new therapeutic schedules will be recommended to the clinical and benefit patients. What is the clinical research?

Generally speaking, the clinical research is mainly divided into two categories, including the clinical research of new drugs and the research initiated by clinical researchers, the clinical research of new drugs is mainly referred to the processes of drugs from laboratory to clinical application, which can be generally divided into three phases: phrase I , II and III. After three consecutive phrases of clinical trials, the safety and effectiveness of a drug are tested. While the research that the researchers initiated are mostly studies of clinical practice, including new indications and the assessment of new treatments and so on. Whatever type the research belongs to, a common principle must be sticked to: test management specification (GCP), it can effectively guarantee the scientificity of a test as well as the interests and safety of the participants.

Doctors and patients with lung cancer shared the same goal of finding a safe and effective treatment. In recent years, selective treatment on the bases of pathological types and genetic types, hasobviously improved the effectiveness of lung cancer, the development of the international and domestic multicenter clinical trials contribute to this encouraging changes. Patients participate in clinical research, they not only receive synchronous treatment the same as those patients abroad, but also get more rigorous medical observation. Potential patients who meet the reqirements of clinical trials can receive treatments partial or complete free of charge. On the one hand, it helps some patients out of difficulty in medical services and expensive cost of treatment, on the other hand, it also provide them with anticancer drugs which has not yet listed, and new treatment schemes. Thus lives of a large number of patients will be saved as well as a reduction of financial burden. Since the patients who took part in the clinical study experienced the scientificity and normative of clinical trials, they are always ready to accept continuing on other clinical trials.

In recent years, our department has actively participated in a number of multicenter clinical researches home and abroad, such as CTONG0806, CTONG1104 and so on. Some patients who took part in theprogramme benefited from it. Clinical research is the important means to promote the development of human health career. We welcome and encourage our patients can actively take part in the clinical research, for your recovery, for our work. 

Thoracic Medicine Department 2   Tan Lei

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