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The predecessor of the department was the hyperthermia room of the radiotherapy department of Hunan Cancer Hospital. It was founded in 1982 and the hospital was one of the first batch of hospitals in China to carry out tumor hyperthermia. The first director is the first director of the radiotherapy department, Professor Hu Zisheng, a famous tumor radiotherapy expert in Hunan Province, and the successor is Professor Liu Jia, a tumor hyperthermia expert. Under the leadership of generations of experts, centering on the hyperthermia room of Hunan Cancer Hospital, the department has carried out a large number of clinical treatments and research projects, and has achieved a series of research results. At present, the department has microwave superficial thermotherapy, radio frequency deep thermotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy machine, microwave ablation instrument and other hyperthermia equipment. The department has carried out superficial hyperthermia, deep/regional hyperthermia, whole body hyperthermia, high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, minimally invasive ablation therapy and other treatments for all tumor hyperthermia. The members of the department have rich experience in clinical application, and presided over more than 10 provincial and departmental projects, including one key project.


Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, the department has carried out clinical research on “deroncus lymph node radiotherapy + hyperthermia for nasopharyngeal cancer” and “endoluminal hyperthermia + radiotherapy for cervical cancer”, which has received attention at home and abroad. It also carried out clinical research work on microwave deep hyperthermia, and carried out systematic phantom and animal experiments and clinical application research on high energy microwave. This comprehensively confirms the mechanism by which high-energy microwaves can achieve deep heating from basic theory to clinical trials, and finds clinical use for systemic heating. In addition, the department also carried out the clinical application and research of high-intensity focused ultrasound combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for the treatment of pelvic and abdominal refractory solid tumors. In the same period, it also carried out treatment for uterine fibroids and prostatic hypertrophy. In the province, the department has carried out the comprehensive treatment of deep tumor hyperthermia and clinical trials of magnetic induction hyperthermia, and has completed the part of the treatment safety test.


In recent years, the department has carried out a series of research work focusing on clinical applications in the field of transitional medicine. As the leading unit, the department successfully completed the clinical trial study of the magnetic induction therapy system designed by Tsinghua University. As the second presiding unit, the department participated in the National Natural Science Foundation. It also participated in the National 863 Program "Modern Digital Medical Core Equipment and Key Technologies" (mainly responsible for tumor hyperthermia). The members of the department published more than 40 papers, edited 6 monographs, and participated in the compilation of 16 monographs. The department participated in the technical review and classification of medical equipment by China Food and Drug Administration, and the formulation of national medical device standards. Its thermotherapy technology is well-known at home and abroad, and its members have attended international conferences many times and have been invited to make conference reports. In 2013, the department was invited by the Taiwan Thermal Therapy Society to provide professional training for Taiwanese doctors and physicists. In 2012 and 2013, the department successfully organized the second session of the standardized treatment course for tumor hyperthermia, which was well received.


There are 20 regular beds in the department, as well as high-level medical experts and excellent nursing team. At present, the treatments carried out by the department include: superficial intraluminal hyperthermia, deep/regional hyperthermia, high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, minimally invasive ablation therapy, and magnetic induction hyperthermia.


The advantage of hyperthermia is that it does not cause irreversible damage to normal tissues while treating tumors, and it does not produce toxic side effects similar to radiotherapy, and does not cause serious damage to human tissues. It has little adverse effect on the environment, so it is known as the “green treatment method”.

  • Dr. Liu Jia


    Specializes in tumor thermotherapy

  • Dr. CAO Xia


    Specializes in radiotherapy of chest tumor, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, breast cancer, etc..

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