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The Head and Neck Radiotherapy Department II (Ward II) (formerly known as Nasopharynx Radiotherapy Department) was established in 1993 after the division of the former radiotherapy department. This department is a comprehensive treatment department based on radiation therapy, which gives main treatments to nasopharyngeal carcinoma and other malignant tumors of the head and neck (oral cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, nasal sinus cancer,brain glioma, brain metastases, etc.). This ward has in-depth research on comprehensive treatment and precise radiotherapy for head and neck cancer such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and implements MDT (multidisciplinary consultation) mode. Neoadjuant radiotherapy, postoperative radiotherapy, concurrent radiochemotherapy, hyperfractionated radiotherapy, simultaneously integrated boosted (SIB) and other irradiation techniques are widely used to carry out general intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), Tomotherapy (TOMO), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) and other high-precision techniques, to give patients the best individualized accurate comprehensive treatment model (the department has 9 well-known domestic external experts as visiting professors, consultants).

The doctors in this department have studied at Henri Mondor Hospital, La Selpetriere Hospital in Paris, France, George Pippin Hospital and Curie Institute in Europe, Radiotherapy Center at University of San Diego, RPTC Proton Center in Munich, Germany, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center,  and Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center in Guangzhou and other cancer centers. They apply the advanced experience and research ideas of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, targeted immunotherapy and other comprehensive treatments to the clinic, and adhere to applying the latest treatment concepts and methods to clinical diagnosis and treatment. The department has developed the rules and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of the main diseases related. Each patient is discussed in the department before treatment, and individualized treatment plans are developed for each patient to implement standardized treatment. And the department insists on conducting ward rounds in the whole department, updating the development trend of oncology treatment at home and abroad, the latest foreign literature reading reports, and scientific research discussions, etc.

There are 21 medical staffs in the department, including 11 doctors and 7 of them with senior titles. The members of the department are also visiting professors of theBrachytherapy Center of Peking University Health Science Center, members of the medical experts of the Chinese Medical Association, executive directors of the Hunan Anti-Cancer Association, and directors of Hunan Provincial Radiation Therapy Quality Control Center, directors of the Radiation Oncology Committee of the Hunan Medical Association, members of the China Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Staging Committee, and the editorial board of the Chinese Journal of Radiation Oncology. Under the leadership of the hospital, the department has consistently insisted on providing quality services for patients. It has successively won the provincial and national "Youth Civilization", the provincial "Women Civilization Demonstration Post" and other honorary titles, and has been rated as an advanced department by the hospital, medical quality and safety superior departments, advanced groups of science and education work, etc.

The clinical research office of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is affiliated with the department. In recent years, the department has carried out more than 30 clinical and basic researches on head and neck cancers, mainly nasopharyngeal carcinoma. The department has won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Provincial Science and Technology Commission and the Provincial Health Department for many times, published more than 100 professional papers on the research results, and edited and co-edited 12 professional books on cancer diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, the department has trained many excellent radiotherapy professionals for hospitals at various levels inside and outside the province. It is a radiotherapy specialized ward that integrates clinical treatment, scientific research and teaching. At present, the department has 14 research projects of Cancer Foundation of China, Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation and provincial projects; and one research platform for the comprehensive treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer. Among them, there are 9 clinical basic researches related to nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and 5 researches related to head and neck tumors and brain tumors. The department also trained 8 graduate students.

Head and Neck Radiotherapy Department II is a united and energetic team. We always adhere to the concept of careful diagnosis and treatment, standardized treatment, accurate radiotherapy, regular learning, rigorous scientific research, and systematic nursing. We will not forget the original intention, bear in mind the mission; carry out the whole process management of systematic diagnosis and treatment, and standardize diagnosis and treatment; implement precise radiotherapy, provide quality care, and guard the health!

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