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Head and Neck Radiotherapy Department III  is newly founded in our hospital, whose medical staff dispatched by other departments own rich clinical experience, exquisite medical skill and excellent service. The present director owns French AFS degree (doctoral degree in clinic medicine); in 2006, she majored in clinical radiotherapy in MD ANDERSON Cancer Center as a visiting scholar, and was engaged in study and research of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). 

Features: a comprehensive treatment department, with high-precision intensity modulated radiation therapy being as principal and individual treatment plan according to patient’s conditions. The department is specializes in radical and concurrent radiotherapy and chemotherapy for young and middle-aged nasopharyngeal carcinoma, re-radiotherapy for recurrent and refractory nasopharyngeal carcinoma, adjuvant radiotherapy for head-neck tumors, concurrent/sequential radiotherapy and chemotherapy for middle-aged and aged lung cancer, radical radiotherapy for esophageal cancer for upper thorax cavity and neck, postoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer, preoperative and postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy for rectal cancer, radical radiotherapy for prostate cancer, radiotherapy for locally recurrent and metastatic refractory lesions.

Up to now, we have owned three provincial-level scientific research subjects about nasopharyngeal carcinoma and lung cancer and one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and published 6 SCI papers and about 20 papers in core journal and national journal.

The inpatient area is neat, quiet and elegant, the ward is spacious and bright, and a reception room is set here. Wards are accessible to a hanging garden of about 300 square meters, enabling the patients to fully enjoy the nature when accepting treatment and regaining health. In the inpatient area, there are shower and toilet facilities, hot water, central air-conditioning, cable television, telephone, Internet cable and microwave oven, creating a safe, convenient and comfortable environment for patients.

In the inpatient area, the holistic nursing is carried out, the people-oriented service is promoted, and multi-form health education is developed; furthermore, the return visit to discharged patients is established to understand the patients’ recovery situations irregularly. Meanwhile, the contact ways of medical staff are given to the patients to facilitate health consultation.

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