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There are 17 medical staffs in Thoracic Radiotherapy Department I, including 1 doctoral tutor, 3 chief physicians, 2 deputy chief physicians, 4 deputy director nurses, 3 doctors and 3 masters. The department has 52 open beds.


The department is a key laboratory of Hunan Province for Tumor Radiotherapy and Transitional Medicine. It is a specialized ward featured by radiotherapy for thoracic, head and neck cancer. It focuses on high-precision intensity-modulated radiotherapy and image-guided radiotherapy for thoracic tumors and nasopharyngeal cancer. The department cooperates with the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the number one cancer center in the United States, and the leading domestic and international oncology research institutes at home and abroad. The department carries out advanced clinical and new technologies of scientific research transformation including multi-parameter MRI-guided four-dimensional high-precision intensity-modulated radiotherapy and gene polymorphism detection to guide individualized comprehensive treatment of tumors. In addition, it also carries out neoadjuvant/ concurrent chemoradiotherapy and targeted therapy, improving the clinical efficacy of early, middle and local advanced lung cancer, esophageal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, brain tumor and other malignant tumors. The department focuses on the prevention and treatment of radioactive pneumonia, pericarditis, esophagitis, mucositis and other common complications induced by radiotherapy, which significantly reduces the mortality caused by radiotherapy side effects and prolong the survival time.


In recent years, the department has published more than 80 papers in influential academic journals (including more than 20 SCI papers) and participated in the preparation of five monographs. Many staffs have participated in academic exchanges at domestic and international conferences. The department has presided over one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and one youth project as the first principal. It also presided over one key scientific research project of Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department, and more than 20 scientific research projects of the province, the department and the Ministry of Education. The members of the department have won the first and second prizes of the excellent papers of natural sciences in Hunan Province, and the third prizes of Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award and Medical Science and Technology Award. Director of the department serves as a national member of the Radiation Oncology Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, the chairman of the Radiation Oncology Committee of Hunan Provincial Anti-Cancer Association and the deputy director of Hunan Radiation Oncology Committee. The department has trained a large number of excellent radiotherapy professionals for various units inside and outside the province.

  • Dr. WANG Hui


    Specializes in radiotherapy, and especially 3D conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy of cancers from head and neck, lung, esophagus and et c.

  • Dr. SHI Yinrui

    Professor&Vice Director

    The biological target area setting guided under the MRI. Image Guidance Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Lung Cancer.

  • Dr. LUO Rongxi


  • Dr. WANG Xiaoan

    Associate Professor

    Specialized in radiotherapy, and especially 3D conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy of cancers of head and neck, breast, lung, esophagus and et al.

  • Liu Xuewen

    Associate Professor

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