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The predecessor of Breast Surgery Department I is Breast Surgery Department. The department integrates routine breast surgery, plastic surgery & reconstruction, minimally invasive functional therapy, and rehabilitation & psychotherapy. It is responsible for clinic, teaching, scientific research and cancer prevention and other missions. Taking use of modern biological sciences, materials science, information science, computer science and network technology, this department provides routine breast surgery for patients with breast diseases, and develops our treatment to minimally invasive and functional treatment: 

1.    The Mammotome Biopsy System can not only remove benign small masses, but also be used for pathological biopsy and diagnosis of breast cancer (fast and non-tumor). The skin incision is only as small as 2~3mm. 

2.    The sentinel lymph node biopsy gamma detector has been used to complete the national CBCSG-001b Hunan Regional Scientific Research Project, which can provide reliable pathological basis for breast cancer patients for breast-conserving and axilla-conserving surgery. 

3.    Breastcavity endoscope provides endoscopic mastectomy & axillary dissection for breast cancer patients, and the trauma is smaller than conventional breast cancer modified radical mastectomy. 

4.    Ductoscopy can be applied to the diagnosis of nipple discharge, treatment of benign lesions in the large breast duct, and discovery of early breast cancer. For breast cancer treatment, this department has transformed “Tolerable Treatment (1970)” into the concept of “Minimum Effective Treatment (2000)”, which emphasize the importance of comprehensive treatment, bringing women's survival opportunities and quality of life closer to normal women, helping them return to the family and society “perfectly”.

The nurses try their best to improve the level of breast disease care, play the role of breast rehabilitation care, and implement overall care for patients' psychology, diet, medication, rehabilitation around the "patient-centered" concept. According to the characteristics of breast diseases, “Women Flower” QQ group, “Xiangjiang Pink Ribbon Club” and the rehabilitation room were established to build a communication platform and spread the concept of health for patients. Various special projects are run by senior nurses. The main projects are: psychological support provided by mind care providers, postoperative limb function rehabilitation training provided by rehabilitation nurses, breast rehabilitation patient volunteer training, breast disease medical health education, online Q&A. The nursing staff's skillful and serious operation and the distinctive treatment effect are highly praised by patients and their families. Two health care research projects have been applied to the Provincial Health Department, namely “The impact of hospital-based rehabilitation team on the health benefits of breast cancer patients” and “Study on application of nutrition management combined with meridian massage to improve immune function of breast cancer patients”.

Breast Surgery Department I promises to do the following: On morally we will advocate medical ethics as the foundation. On profession we will feature plastic surgery, reconstruction, and minimal invasiveness. On management we will be dedicated to humanization, institutionalization, and standardization. On service, we will be smiling, professional and thoughtful. Everything we do starts from the interests of patients, and the willingness to better serve patients and serve the society.

  • Dr. Dr.OUYANG Lizhi

    Keep original views on breast cancer prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and psychological analysis, psychological counseling, psychological treatment.Mastered radical breast surgery (radical mastectomy, extended radical mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy and breast-conserving resection), especially good at early breast andaxillary conserving surgery.

  • Dr. HE Zhigang


  • Liu Zhihua

    Associate Professor

  • Hu Xiaobo

    Associate Professor

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