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The Second Breast Surgery Department is a professional department comprised by experienced surgeons in breast cancer treatment and young doctors with high academic qualifications in order to comply with the new treatment concept and method for breast cancer. As such, the department boasts of its rich connotation-the perfect integration of the wealth of clinical experiences and the new technology concepts.

It mainly specializes in the following subjects: surgical treatment of benign breast tumor and benign breast diseases, including: radical mastectomy, the first and second phase of esthetics repair after radical mastectomy, breast conservative therapy, resection of chest wall recurrence, chest wall reconstruction and minimally invasive treatment of benign breast lesions.

The department has independently finished or cooperatively completed “Study on the Significance of Fine Needle Aspiration on Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Its Postoperative Impact”, “Impact of Delayed Breast Cancer Surgery on Prognosis”, “Influence of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy on the Treatment Effect of Breast Cancer” and “Impact of Removal and Non- removal of Pectoralis Minor Muscle on Breast Cancer Modified Radical Surgery”, etc., and published relevant papers.

The department has first proposed and implemented dual-tube drainage method after radical mastectomy, which altered the traditional method of intraoperative and postoperative pressure bandage, thus overcoming the shortcomings of the pressure bandage including patient respiratory obstruction, mobility inconveniences and passive wound changes observation.

It is the first to carry out breast conservative therapy, in line with the current understanding of international and domestic breast cancer researches and the development trend of minimally invasive surgical treatment, on the basis of ensuring the quality of treatment, greatly improves the life quality of patients.

Its working principle: Integrate the down-to-earth clinical work with the ongoing new treatment concept! Combine the warm humanistic care and the assiduous work style!

  • Dr. ZHOU Zhengyu


    Have rich clinical experiences in diagnosis and treatment of common surgical diseases , complicated cases and abdominal tumors, especially on breast disease and breast cancer. At the same time,have rich experiences on minimally invasive surgery ,breast conserving surgery, individualized therapy and comprehensive treatments of breast cancer.

  • Dr. WAN Nengbin

    Professor&Vice Director

  • Dr. DENG Hongwu


  • Dr.HE Ying

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.LU Lingli

    Associate Professor

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