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The department mainly treat thyroid cancer, neck mass, nasal sinus cancer, nasal polyps, laryngeal cancer, hypopharyngeal cancer, parotid carcinoma, tongue cancer, gingival cancer, oral floor carcinoma, head & neck skin cancer, benign tumor of head & neck, and head & neck difficult illness. Surgery is the main treatment in the department, with high success rate, less complications, good treatment effect and high cure rate. The good service and excellent medical technology have attracted various head & neck cancer patients from inside and outside the province to come for treatment and consultation. The combined operation of cranio-maxillofacial surgery has cured many patients with advanced tumor and complicated diseases. And the department has achieved remarkable results in the pronunciation reconstruction for laryngeal cancer patients, and radical treatment & pronunciation preservation for laryngeal & hypopharyngeal cancer patients after partial laryngectomy. The banded myocutaneous flap, submandibular flap, pectoralis major myocutaneous flap and trapezius muscle flap are used to repair the defect of the mouth floor, tongue & tongue root and hypopharyngeal mucosa. In particular, after the establishment of the Plastic Surgery Department of Hunan Cancer Hospital, in recent years, a number of young and powerful doctors have been selected to study and participate in training and various academic conferences at famous hospitals at home and abroad. The development of free tissue flaps to repair head & neck tissue defects has been successful, which wins the recognition and praise of the peers, and provides better cosmetic and repair treatments with less damage for patients with tongue cancer, oral floor carcinoma, hypopharyngeal cancer, hard palate cancer and skin cancer, etc. Head and Neck Surgery Department and Radiotherapy Departments cooperate to carry out comprehensive treatment of tumors, so that the cure rate of patients with head & neck cancer is further improved. The hypopharyngeal & cervical esophagectomy and jejunal esophageal surgery are developed. A number of defect repair cases using free anterolateral thigh flaps after head & neck tumor resection have also been performed. 

The department not only pays attention to clinical medical treatment, but also presides over and participates in many scientific research projects of Provincial Science and Technology Commission and Provincial Health Department. The department has published more than 50 papers in various national professional journals, participated in many monographs, and attended many domestic and international academic conferences. 

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