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As a major department of hepatobiliary tumor treatment center of Hunan Cancer Hospital, the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department mainly carries out diagnosis, treatment and research of liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, pancreas cancer and spleen cancer and other tumors, integrating the medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. Under the leadership of PI and director Wu Feiyue and with joint efforts of medical staff, the clinic, teaching and scientific research develop quickly, and the overall level of projects is of domestically advanced. 

Major technical projects developed in this department: pancreaticoduodenectomy, liver tumor resection, hilar cholangiocarcinoma curative resection, radical cholecystectomy, retroperitoneal tumor resection, radical gastrectomy for cancer, colorectal surgery and abdominal cancer surgery. Diagnosis and treatment characteristics: as to the liver tumors, tumors at each section of liver can be resected. As to biliary tract tumors, the department carried out two scientific research projects about high-level hilar cholangiocarcinoma, and has performed hilar cholangiocarcinoma curative resection for more than 100 cases, and obtained satisfactory curative effects, currently, and it is actively developing the intra-operative prosthetic vessel replacement of the portal vein. As to the pancreatic tumor, pancreaticoduodenectomy has been popularized, apparently higher than previous by excision and anastomosis for invaded portal vein or prosthetic vessel replacement.

The medical staff in Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery stick to “proficient in medical skill and loyal to medical ethics”, to wholeheartedly provide first-rate services for vast overseas and domestic patients with first-rate technology, equipment and credits.

  • Dr. WU Feiyue


    Surgery of hepato-bilio-pancreatic tumor and retroperitoneal tumor.

  • Dr. ZHOU Deshan

    Professor&Vice Director

    Surgery for hepato-bilio-pancreatic tumor, sphincter-preserving operation for lower rectal cancer.

  • Dr. KANG Zhongcheng

    Professor&Vice Director

    Surgery for hepato-bilio-pancreatic tumor, and surgical nutrition.

  • Dr. LUO Jianhong


    Surgery for hepato-bilio-pancreatic tumor and gastrointestinal tumor.

  • Dr. ZHANG Li

    Associate Professor

    Surgery for hepato-bilio-pancreatic tumor and gastrointestinal tumor.

  • Dr. LUO Jia

    Associate Professor

    Surgery for hepato-bilio-pancreatic tumor.

  • Dr.XIE Wei

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.LIU Qiang

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.HUANG Bo

    Associate Professor

  • DR.HE Zhuo

    Associate Professor

  • DR.CHEN Jie

    Associate Professor

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