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Dr. LI Xianan
Orthopedics & Soft Tissue Department, Professor&Director
  • Education & Professional Experiences:

    1991.08——2003.08 The 3rd city hospital of Xiangtan:resident doctor ,attending doctor, deputy chief physician.

    2000.09——2002.12 Studying for master degree in Central South University

    2003.09——2006.07 Studying for doctor degree in Central South University

    2006.09——2011.12 The 1st city hospital of zhuzhou:Deputy chief physician, Chief physician, master instructor

    2012.01-now Hunan Cancer Hospital:Chief physician, master instructor 

  • Specialty:

    He masters the surgery and comprehensive treatments for the primary bone tumors, the limb salvage treatment for bone malignant tumors. He carrys out many operations successful,such as the resection of primary and secondary spine tumors, the bone cement plugging through minimally invasion and the pedicle screw internal fixation for spine tumors, the resection of sacral tumors(sacral chordoma etc.), the reconstruction of lumbar and sacral vertebra, the resection of pelvic tumors(region I, II, III and region I + IV),the reconstruction of saddle-shaped artificial hemipelves.He is also procificent in the neoadjuvant chemotherapy for osteosarcoma, surgical treatment of bone metastases and comprehensive treatments for all kinds of soft tissue tumors.He especially good at the resection and reconstruction for limb malignant melanoma and other soft tissue tumors, he used the external fixation for the treatment of the distal tibial malignant bone tumor and made the limb salvage successfully.

  • Research:

    1. preside over the project of health ministry:The application of vertebroplasty with high viscosity bone cement

    for vertebral tumor

    2. preside over the project of hunan science and technology department:The application research of callus lengthening with unilateral external fixator for distal tibial malignant bone tumors, 

    3. preside over the project of CSU:The system foundation of clinical data about melanoma

    4. preside over the project of hunan cancer hospital:The experimental study of bone tissue engineering applied to benign bone tumors and tumor like lesions

    5.participated in the project supported by the national natural science fund:The mechanism of Herba Epimedii in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

  • Publications:

    1.Inhibitory effects of tamoxifen and doxorubicin, alone and in combination, on the proliferation of the MG63 human osteosarcoma cell line. ONCOLOGY LETTERS  6: 970-976, 2013. Corresponding author

    2. Dysplasia Epiphysealis Hemimelica with Involvement of the Distal Tibial Epiphysis and Talus: Recurrence of a Case and Literature Review. The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery 14 December 2013 ■ 1/4. Corresponding author

    3. Prosthesis infection: diagnosis after total joint arthroplasty with three-phase bone scintigraphy. Ann Nucl Med 29 Augest 2014. Corresponding author

    4. the Comparison of the percutaneous minimally invasive surgery and the open reduction and internal fixation for the treatment of tibial fracture. China Journal of bone and joint injury, 2010 (6): 451-454. the first author

  • Awards:

    The outstanding teachers in 2013

    The most satisfying doctor in 2014

  • Out-patient Schedule:


  • E-mail:


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