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Orthopedics & Soft Tissue Department has 26 medical staff, including 10 physicians and 16 nurses. Among them, 2 are chief physicians; 2 are deputy chief physicians; 3 are attending physicians, and 3 are assistant physicians, including 5 with doctor’s degree and 5 with master’s degree, forming a medical team with strong technical background.

There are 52 beds in this department. The professional features include limb salvage treatment for malignant bone tumors, limb salvage treatment for various benign bone tumors, resection, repair, reconstruction and reshaping of soft tissue tumors at various sites, surgical treatment of bone metastases, chemotherapy for bone & soft tissue malignancies, and comprehensive treatment of malignant melanoma. Besides, percutaneous vertebral body formation of vertebral malignant tumors was performed, and vascular replacement was applied to limb salvage treatment of limb malignant tumors involving large blood vessels of limbs. Combined with limb salvage surgery, neoadjuvant chemotherapy for osteosarcoma with emphasis on time intensity and dose intensity has greatly improved the rate of limb salvage and cure rate in patients with osteosarcoma. The department can perform massive soft tissue stage-I tumor resection & reconstruction, vertebral tumor resection, total femoral resection & reconstruction, total humerus resection & reconstruction, various scapular resection & reconstruction, external fixation (callus lengthening) for the treatment and limb salvage of distal humeral malignancy bone tumor, sacral tumor resection & reconstruction, pelvic tumor resection & reconstruction in various areas (especially semi-pelvic replacement & reconstruction) and a number of representative operations. Participating in the establishment of Plastic Surgery Department in Hunan Cancer Hospital, the department used pedicle or free musculocutaneous flap, fascial flap and perforator flap to repair soft tissue defects throughout the body. And the department has successfully performed soft tissue defect repair after the treatment of plantar tumor using medial plantar flap and sural neurotrophic flap, full-thickness chest wall defect repair using pedicled latissimus dorsi muscle flap, and large segmental bone defect reconstruction using free fibula flap. A bone and soft tissue tumor treatment center is gradually formed featuring subspecialty of four limbs, pelvic spine, soft tissue tumor and chemotherapy. 

  • Dr. LI Xianan


    He masters the surgery and comprehensive treatments for the primary bone tumors, the limb salvage treatment for bone malignant tumors. He carrys out many operations successful,such as the resection of primary and secondary spine tumors, the bone cement plugging through minimally invasion and the pedicle screw internal fixation for spine tumors, the resection of sacral tumors(sacral chordoma etc.), the reconstruction of lumbar and sacral vertebra, the resection of pelvic tumors(region I, II, III and region I + IV),the reconstruction of saddle-shaped artificial hemipelves.He is also procificent in the neoadjuvant chemotherapy for osteosarcoma, surgical treatment of bone metastases and comprehensive treatments for all kinds of soft tissue tumors.He especially good at the resection and reconstruction for limb malignant melanoma and other soft tissue tumors, he used the external fixation for the treatment of the distal tibial malignant bone tumor and made the limb salvage successfully.

  • Dr. HUANG Gang

    Professor&Vice President of the hospital

  • Dr. LIU Jianfan

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.XU Xuezheng

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.LUO Yi

    Associate Professor

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Tel: 89762180
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