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Dr. LIANG Jianping
Thoracic Surgery Department II, Professor&Vice President of the hospital
  • Education & Professional Experiences:

    Since graduation from Hengyang Medical College (currently Medical College of University of South China) in August 1984, he engaged in clinical work of thoracic surgery.

  • Specialty:

    Regular and intractable  surgeries of thoracic surgery and minimal invasive thoracic surgery.

  • Research:

    Basic and clinical research on lung cancer, esophageal cancer and mediastinal tumor.

  • Publications:

    1. Liang JP, et al. Surgical treatment for recurrent esophageal carcinoma after curative radiotherapy. Chinese Journal of Cancer. 2000; 19 (2): 168-169.

    2. Liang JP, et al. Expression of minichromosome maintenance protein 2 in breast cancer and its significance. Chinese Journal of Anatomy. 2006; 29 (2): 177-180.

    3. Liang JP, et al. Repair and Reconstruction of Chest Wall Defect After Tumor Resection. Journal of Clinical Research. 2005; 22 (9):1260-1262.

    4. Liang JP, et al. Expression of MCM2p and its correlative analysis in breast cancer. China Journal of Modern Medicine. 2007; 17 (12): 1457-1459.

    5. Liang JP, et al. Mechanical anastomosis of right apical pleura in 50 cases with esophageal carcinoma in superior middle thorax. China Journal of Endoscopy. 2004; 10 (3):87-89.

    6. Liang JP, et al. Clinical analysis on 78 cases of apparatus anastomosis for right cupula pleurae for therapy of esophagus cancer for upper thorax cavity. Journal of Clinical Research. 2009; 8.

    7. Liang JP, et al. Clinical analysis on 167 cases of lung cancer plasty. Journal of Clinical Research, 2005; 22 (4): 496-497.

    8. Liang JP, et al. Surgical treatment for primary tracheal neoplasms. Journal of Clinical Research. 2004; 21 (7): 735-737.

    9. Liang JP, et al. Surgical treatment for 1861 cases of primary bronchogenic carcinoma. 2007; 6 (5):676-677. 

    10. Liang JP, et al. Mediastinoscopy for mediastinal refractory diseases. Hunan Medical Journal. 1999; 16 (4).

    11. Liang JP, et al. Analysis on postoperative pulmonary complications of senile patients with lung cancer. Hunan Medical Journal. 2001; 18 (1): 63.


    12. Liang JP, et al. Exploration for death reasons of patients with esophageal cancer during postoperative and perioperative period. Journal of Chinese Physician. 2002; 4 (3): 288-289.

    13. Liang JP, et al. Diagnosis and surgical treatment for 70 cases of tuberculosis tumor. 2001; 18 (6):441-442.

  • Awards:

    One of second-batch talents for Hunan New Century 121.

    Member of Cardiothoracic Committee, Hunan Medical Association.

    Council member of Hunan Association of Pathophysiology.

  • Out-patient Schedule:

  • E-mail:


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