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Thoracic Surgery Department II is a key medical discipline of Hunan Province. It is also as attached to the Hunan Lung Cancer Prevention & Treatment Research Center and the National Esophageal Cancer Clinical Research Sub-center. It is a chest cancer prevention and control center, integrating medical treatment, education and scientific research. Our department currently has 50 open beds and 30 medical staff, including 4 chief physicians, 3 deputy chief physicians, 2 deputy chief nurses, 6 doctoral candidates and 2 master degree candidates. This department is a doctoral training center of Central South University with 1 PhD candidate currently, and also a master training center of Central South University and University of South China with 6 master degree candidates.

Various surgical techniques of thoracic surgery have been carried out in this department. The main surgeries  include: radical resection of pulmonary carcinoma (wedge resection of lung tumor, segmentectomy, pulmonary lobectomy, bronchial sleeve resection, vascular sleeve resection, vascular bronchial double-sleeve resection, carina resection and angioplasty), etc.; radical esophageal cancer (Ivor-Lewis, Sweet, Mckeown, and three-field lymphonodus esophagectomy); esophageal leiomyoma and interstitial tumor resection; mediastinal tumor resection; resection of huge chest wall tumor and chest wall reconstruction, and so on.

This department attaches great importance to the development and application of minimally invasive diagnosis & treatment of thoracic neoplasms. For thoracoscopic surgery for early and mid-stage lung cancer has been routinely carried out in this department, accounting for about 70% of the total surgery. This department's left thoracoscope combined with cervical mediastinal esophageal cancer radical surgery greatly reduces the trauma of patients under the premise of ensuring the surgical effect. The development and prosperity of this technology or future further evolution and maturity may provide a new surgical approach for surgical treatment of esophageal cancer. This department is actively promoting the clinical application of mediastinoscopy in minimally invasive surgery for esophageal cancer and bilateral mediastinal lymphonodus dissection for lung cancer to minimize pain of surgical patients and to improve their long-term efficacy. At the same time, this department has developed a transbronchial ultrasound-guided needle biopsy (EBUS-TBNA) for diagnosis with minimal trauma of difficult diseases of the hilus of the lung and mediastinum.

This department attaches great importance to individualized treatment and comprehensive treatment of patients with thoracic neoplasms, emphasizing preoperative neoadjuvant radiotherapy & chemotherapy and postoperative adjuvant therapy. In difficult surgery, tracheal carina formation, lung cancer double-sleeve resection & thoracoscopic lung cancer, esophageal cancer resection, and mediastinoscopy are the mature operations performed by this department. The combined use of thoracoscope, mediastinoscopy and EBUS-TBNA brings new prospects for the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic neoplasms to better serve the cancer patients.

The team of nurses in this department is full of vigor and vitality, pays attention to the synchronization of patients' mental and functional rehabilitation, as well as individualized nursing needs, and carry out the four-integrated (body, mind, society and soul) service mode of thoracic neoplasms, and ERAS mode to provide high-quality care for patients.

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