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Joining hands with France to Explore New Mode of Multi-disciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Tumors

admin2016-01-26from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

In order to cooperate in exploring new mode of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors and popularizing new techniques for treating breast tumors, on December 19, 2015, Hunan Cancer Hospital entered an agreement with the Mastopathy Center, Henri Mondor Hospital, France, to collaborate in clinical study, staff training, academic study, scientific research and information concerning breast tumors. Mr. Belkacemi Yazid, director of the Mastopathy Center, Henri Mondor Hospital, Dr. Luo Dengfeng from the Radiotherapy Department of Henri Mondor Hospital, Mr. Long Kaichao, deputy director general of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, Mr. Tang Lingzhi, deputy director of the International Exchange Department of the Commission, Mr. Liu Jingshi, president of Hunan Cancer Hospital and other related leaders, department directors and experts were present at the ceremony for signing the agreement. 

Firstly, Mr. Liang Jianping, vice president of Hunan Cancer Hospital introduces the hospital and disciplinary structure, experts team, medicare service, expertise, academic researches and patient rehabilitation management of the Breast Tumors Center of the hospital. Mr. Belkacemi Yazid holds that our hospital as a cancer hospital affiliated with Xiangya School of Medicine with a very long history has really succeeded in making rapid development in recent years and gained advantages in breast-conserving surgery, secondary repair surgery and other surgical treatments. In particular, the hospital has grasped the internationally advanced DIEP breast reconstruction technique. He also says that Henri Mondor Hospital is affiliated with the No. XII University of Paris, France, and is widely known for performing the first synchronous transplantation of face and hands in the world. The hospital is also globally recognized for its breast surgery department, radiotherapy department and carcinoma department. He recommends that both parties of the agreement should bring questions and research projects into the cooperation and carry out cooperation along the management process from earlier screening to earlier diagnosis to multi-disciplinary consultation to precise treatment to quality control to follow-up visits and to patients’ rehabilitation. As a famous mastopathy expert in France, he stresses that multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment is more effective and scientific for treating tumors, and it is also the trend of development. As for the cooperation, we should pivot on multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment for breast tumors and experts from both sides should work on the subject consecutively. For us, benefiting the patients is beyond national borders. 

At the meeting, experts of different disciplines of breast tumors of the hospital express their cooperation intention concerning integrative treatment of breast tumors, popularization of new repair and reconstruction technologies, bilateral talent cultivation, construction of platform for translational medicine, organization of bilateral academic conference and institution of distant consultation, etc, which makes the meeting more practical and professional. Mr. Liu Jingshi and Mr. Belkacemi Yazid sign the cooperation agreement and point out that organizing experts team composed of doctors from breast surgery department, breast plastics department, tumor medical department, radiotherapy department, radiation department, pathology department and physicists from the radiotherapy department to meet regularly for consulting and discussing about mastopathy and coming up with the best treating plan, which is to be implemented either by the single discipline or jointly by multi disciplines, lays a foundation for exploring new mode of multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors. 

Mr. Long Kaichao, deputy director general of the Commission, who is responsible for medical work in the province, thinks very importantly of the cooperation between these two centers and gives the following instructions: firstly, strengthen the quality control system, especially the quality control over radiotherapy, starting from treatment of breast tumors. At present, medical staff differ widely in qualifications and competence, which poses great potential medical risks. Since the Hunan Provincial Radiotherapy Quality Control Center, the quasi-official organ, is established in the hospital, then the hospital must make sure that quality control over radiotherapy is effectively implemented. When necessary, the Commission will consider granting financial support; secondly, clinical cooperation must be done in the practice. The hospital must follow mature foreign cases and learn through questions so as to improve on what we haven’t been good at. Meanwhile, efforts should be made to encourage the hospital to do clinical study. The hospital has a vast number of case samples worth our time to explore. We must start from basic scientific research and take steps to do cooperation in subject researches along the horizontal and vertical directions; thirdly, multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment is what the government has been stressing and focusing on. It has always been our weak point. Actually it is about changing our habit, our thinking and the patient management mode. It is about adopting rigorous attitudes toward medical science. It is hoped that Hunan Cancer Hospital can take advantage of the establishment of Breast Tumors Center to expand implementation of multi-disciplinary consultation across the hospital. When the right time comes, Mr. Long Kaichao himself will participate in the multi-disciplinary consultation held by the hospital and promote it in the province to improve medical mode across the province. 

In the end, Prof. Belkacemi Yazid proposes to hold regular seminars on mastopathy between two parties and set up “Sino-France Mastopathy Day”, which earns agreement and recognition from all leaders and experts present at the meeting , putting a successful end to the signing ceremony.

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