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ESMO President, Prof. Rolf A. Stahel Visits the Hospital

admin2016-05-06from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Prof. Rolf A. Stahel, president of European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO for short hereinafter) and director of Medical Oncology of the University of Zurich , Switzerland was invited by Prof. Yang Nong, director of the Lung/Gastrointestinal Oncology Department  to visit the hospital in the morning of March 31, 2016. Mr. Chen Yongyi, vice-president of the hospital and Prof. Luo Yi gave their welcome speeches and conferred Prof. Stahel with a visiting professor certificate of the hospital. After that, Prof. Yang Nong and Prof. Chen Jianhua from the Medical Thoracic Department presided over a conference during which Prof. Stahel delivered a special lecture titled “Advanced non-small cell lung cancer: Chemotherapy remains an important treatment modality”.  

Prof. Stahel introduced to us some consensuses of ESMO experts on treating advanced NSCLC and some latest development about plans of first-line treatment, dressing maintenance treatment and second-line treatment for patients of advanced NSCLC without driver mutation and the first-line, second-line and post-line treatment plans for patients of NSCLC characterized by EGFR mutation or ALK rearrangement. He also discussed with doctors working at the clinical front line about treatment of advanced NSCLC and answered their questions.        

Then, Prof. Stahel accompanied by Prof. Yang Nong and Prof. Luo Yi visited the VIP Ward, the Lung/Gastrointestinal Oncology Department(Phase I Clinical Study Ward) and No. 1 Thoracic Department to learn about the status quo of treatment for patients with lung cancers; He also visted the Species Bank of the Lung/Gastrointestinal Oncology Department(Phase I Clinical Study Ward)  and listened to the report by Prof. Yang Nong on the achievements in clinical and basic research of lung cancers. Prof. Stahel commented positively on the above achievements made by the department under the direction of Prof. Yang Nong and encouraged the young doctors to work hard on fighting against lung cancers.  

This is the first time Prof.  Stahel came to Changsha. And we believe his visit will help push forward the hospital’s techniques for diagnosing and treating lung cancers and its clinical and basic research on lung cancers. 

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