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The Voice of China at the GAP Meeting

admin2016-06-03from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

The GAP (Global Academic Program) Meeting held by  M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is an annual professional event for academic exchanges which mainly focus on administrative and clinical management and scientific researches. The GAP meeting of this year was held in St. Paulo, Brazil from April 25-28. The delegation of our hospital is made up of 9 people who are Deputy Party Secretary Liu Xiaohong, Vice President Wang Jing, Deputy Director Chen Meiying from the HR Department, Director Yu Xiaoping from the Diagnostic Radiology Department, Deputy Director Tang Jie from the Gynecologic Oncology Department Ward I, Deputy Director Hu Jun from the Pathologic Department, Deputy Director Liu Xiangyu from the Nursing Department, Dr. Zhang Baihua from the No.1 Thoracic Surgery Department and Dr. Liu Zhigang from the No.1 Thoracic Radiotherapy Department.     

The GAP meeting with over 800 oncological experts  across the world participating in it has the theme of “challenging cancer” and key words of diversity, innovation, humanization and integration. During the meeting, the experts explore deeply the current hot topics like the cancer-related “moon shots plan” in America, robotic surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, precision medicine, liquid biopsy, oncological big data, life support for cancer patients and nursing, etc. 

On Jun 13, 2015, our hospital became the 31st one (also the 5th in Mainland of China) to unite with the US M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in sisterhood. Both hospitals agreed on conducting in-depth cooperation in introducing medical technologies, sharing medical plans, exchanging and training medical talents, implementing international referral and doing distant group consultation. 

During the meeting, Vice President Wang Jing as an representative of the new sister hospital of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center was invited to attend the Administrative Chiefs Meeting and introduce our hospital to the attending experts. Meanwhile, Deputy Party Secretary Liu Xiaohong, Vice President Wang Jing and Deputy Director Hu Jun respectively presided over the lectures of Oral Presentation - Survivorship, Oral Presentation: Ovarian, and Plenary Updates - Biorepository. 

6 experts from our hospital also gave the following 8 special reports on their studies, which were highly commended and positively commented by participants of the meeting: Psychosocial Support for Advanced Cancer Patients in Poverty , Hospice Service Program in HCH by Liu Xiaohong, Predicting the Short-term Response to Chemoradiotherapy Using Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Diffusion-weighted and Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma by Yu Xiaoping, Binding of Galectin-1 to CA125 Promoted Tumor Invasion and Progression in Ovarian Cancer by Tang Jie, Clinical Evaluation of An Improved Method for egfr Mutation Detection by Zhang Baihua, Role of pathology in biobank quality assurance by Hu Jun, the Effectiveness of An Integrated Body-mind-spirit-social Model for Breast Cancer Survivors: a Pilot Study by Liu Xiangyu , Relationship Between Polymorphisms in Glucose Glycolytic Pathway Associated Genes and Risk of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Development, C-fos  Over-expression Promotes Radio-resistance and Predicts Poor Prognosis in Malignant Glioma by Liu Zhigang.  

During the meeting, Oliver Bogler , the Vice President from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Prof. Andy Futreal in charge of the “moon shot plan” and Doctor TJ Liu met the delegation of our hospital and asked them about their specialties and study orientation. 

They interacted with each other academically on 4 GAP priorities of clinical care, research, education and prevention while they talked pointedly about the “Moon Shot Plan” of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The first batch of six cancers chosen by the center for the plan include lung cancer, melanoma, prostatic cancer, myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and gynecological cancers (e.g. high-risk ovarian cancer and triple negative breast cancer) . Recently, the center has solicited the second batch of cancers which include colorectal cancer, B cell lymphoma, neuroglioma, HPV infected cancer, high-risk myeloma and pancreatic cancer. Inside the center, they also set up a research fund to support relevant studies. During the exchange and communication, we also got the knowledge that the “Moon Shots Plan” of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center gave special attention to cross-discipline cooperation, whose main task is cooperating intensively with task forces of oncological studies and using the current expertise and opportunities to promote translation of oncological studies to clinical application and ultimately reduce the mortality of some cancers greatly in 5-10 years. This is really inspiring for us.  

During the meeting, the delegation of our hospital also visited the best Brazilian hospitals of Isreal Hostital Albert Einstein and A.C. Camargo Cancer Center to take a closer look at their carcinoma departments, daytime chemotherapy centers, radiotherapy machine rooms, radio-diagnosis departments, pathology departments and molecular testing centers. The Isreal Hostital Albert Einstein was built with support from local Jews Society and became open to business in 1971, which has grown into a world famous hospital from scratch in 45 years and becomes most widely recognized for its high quality medical service, advanced equipment and medical education.  

Through attending this GAP meeting, the delegation of our hospital not only brings home the latest development of oncological studies, but also communicates deeply with their international counterparts to better understand each other, strengthen the friendship and encourage cooperation. The experts from our hospital are also able to show their expertise on the international stage for cancer treatment and prevention.


Liu Xiaohong, Psychosocial Support for Advanced Cancer Patients in Poverty GAP2016

Liu Xiaohong, Hospice Service Program in HCH

Hu Jun, Role of Pathology in Biobank Quality Assurance

Zhang Baihua, Clinical Evaluation of an Improved Method for Mutation Detection of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor

Liu Xiangyu, the Effectiveness of an Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit-Socialmodel for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study

Liu Zhigang, Relationship between Polymorphisms in Glucose Glycolytic Pathway Associated Genes and Risk of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Development

Liu Zhigang, C-FOS Over-Expression Promotes Radioresistance and Predicts Poor Prognosis in Malignant Glioma

Yu Xiaoping, Predicting the Short-Term Response to Chemoradiotherapy Using IVIM-DWI and DCE-MRI in Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC)

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