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“Sino-French week of academic activities on the breast diseases”had a success ending in Changsha

Xie Ning2016-07-11from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

From June 23th to 25th of 2016, professor Yazid Belkacémi and his team came to Hunan cancer hospital from a first-class medical institution of Europe, the Henry Mondor hospital, while professor Belkacémi is the director of the breast disease center of this hospital . The French professors co-hosted the “Sino-French week of academic activities on the breast diseases” with Hunan cancer hospital , through the hard work of giving lectures, case-consultations, communication on the operations for days, the French professors brought to Hunan the latest technology and cutting-edge theories of the world on breast cancer treatment and laid a foundation for further direct cooperation of the two hospitals. The activity had received great supports from the french consulate in Wuhan and the international cooperation department of health and planning commission of Hunan province.

The ceremony of the activity was presided over by LiangJianping, the vice president of the Hunan cancer hospital. Liu Xiangguo as the president of Hunan cancer hospital addressed for “the week of activities” . The science and technology commissioner of french consulate in Wuhan--- MoLan,and his assistant Ms. LiShanshan presented at the opening ceremony. The director of international cooperation department of health and planning commission of Hunan province.--- CaiDonghua attended the meeting. On behalf of the Health and Family Planning Commision of Hunan province, the deputy director ---Zhang Yichang expressed his warm welcome to the french guests and presented his warmest congratulations to both hospitals for the deep cooperation on breast diseases. He hoped that the cooperation with Henry Mondor hospital has a demonstrated effect to embody "three breakthroughs and 3 first-classes”, both sides need to cooperate with subjects and questions and provide a platform for the interaction of clinical treatment and scientific research so that more patients with breast cancer would benefit from the cooperation.

People who also attended the opening ceremony were professional peers and hospital leaders of the province , medical staff of breast center and the representatives of graduate students, a total amount of more than 200 persons.

During the opening ceremony,  Doctor Yazid Belkacémi introduced the intention of the  cooperation. Mr. ,MoLan made an impromptu speech, he pointed out that the communication between France and China in the field of health has a long history, the main goal of the academic activities is for communication and cooperation in order to standardize the diagnosis and treatment of the tumor. He also looked forward to a deeper and further cooperation after the academic activities this time.

After the opening ceremony, special lectures on" Indications and techniques of the immediate surgery of reconstruction",  " Indications and therapeutic effects of the radical mastectomy on breast ", " Status of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and new imaging techniques in the diagnosis of breast cancer " and so on were presented during the conference. MDT discussion, demonstration of breast reconstruction surgery, practice of radiation therapy and imaging were also held. Besides the excellent lectures and demonstration of Dr Belkacémi, the elite experts of his team, including professor Thu Ha Dao who once worked at Curie cancer institute and is currently head of the Breast Imaging Unit of the Medical Imaging Department of Henry mondor hospital; BOSC Romain, who is the assistant professor of the Head of Plastic Surgery Department and coordinator of Plastic Surgery Emergency Unit of Henri Mondor Hospital; professor Giard Sylvia who works at the OSCAR LAMBRET cancer center cancer surgeon and as the consultant of the GCP clinical research center, etc. All of them have also demonstrated their "skills" and exchanged their ideas with Chinese doctors.

Especially, during the process of MDT consultation, experts of two countries discussed 5 cases of patients and improved the curative plans of them together, the Chinese experts have also benefited a lot .One patient surnamed Huang had the modified radical surgery of the left breast in 2012, a TRAM flap surgery in 2013 , because of the right breast cancer, she had the modified radical surgery of the right breast and the flap repairment surgery and the protheses transplantation surgery in 2015, now she wants have the reconstruction of the nipple ande the areola. After a clear observation, the french professors suggested the flap position adjustment could be done firstly and then the nipple reconstruction after six months , which was adopted by the Chinese doctors. Another patient surnamed Xu had a smaller tumor to which the french professors personally explain the patterns of the surgery , then the patient demanded the breast-conserving surgery plus the sentinel lymph node biopsy (almost does not affect the normal life). French experts then injected the tracer carefully, which left a deep impression on the Chinese doctors.

The treatment and reconstruction technology on breast cancer of Hunan cancer hospital is in the leading place of the country, the hospital is also the birthplace of tumor plastic surgery in our country, which has many domestic experts who have a reputation such as Zhou zheng-yu, OuYang-lizhi, OuYang-quchang, Luoying, Yu,Xiao-ping,  Lizan and so on . During this week , they also showed their latest research results to communicate with international leading experts and demonstrated the progresses of China on the treatments of breast cancer.

The “Sino-French week of academic activities on the breast diseases” got a complete success, we not only draw on the latest innovations in the world and constantly enhance the level of the hospital on breast tumor treatment, but also strengthen the communication and mutual trusts with French experts and lay a solid foundation for the further cooperation, which could eventually benefits patients with breast cancer in Hunan province . Perhaps in the near future, patients with breast cancer in Hunan province may receive the latest technology of treatment from France.

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