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Great Minds Meet to Create a New Era

admin2017-06-07from:Human Cancer Hospital

---A shared view by participating in the global academic project at MD Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center Global Academic Program Annual Conference (GAP) is an important academic activity and platform for clinical and scientific research exchanges among the global Sister Institutions.

The event is held at MD Anderson every odd year, and is hosted by a Sister Institution every two years . GAP’s mission is to create a global network of collaboration dedicated to basics, transformation, clinical treatment, population and integrated scientific research, prevention and education to shoulder the responsibility of making cancer history. GAP’s vision is to make MD Anderson into a model driven by research and multidisciplinary treatment and introduce it to sister agencies, support transformation research and education exchanges, provide additional value through academic interaction between the medical staff and managers.

This year’s GAP conference was held in Houston on 7-9, May, which consisted of a medical center, a nursing center and an electronic poster area. Our delegation took part in the 2017 annual meeting under the leadership of President Liu Xiangguo, and I attended as a speaker at the nursing meeting and shared the perceptions of Chinese nurses about spirituality and spiritual care. I met with Lisa, director of the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Professor Chris in charge of training and education, conducted communication and discussion on clinical scientific research and clinical nurse training. Through exchanges and lectures on the theme of the conference, we deeply realized the efforts and innovation made by MD Anderson Cancer Center and international nursing peers in the hot issues of cancer, such as supportive care, rehabilitation of cancer patients, patient safety and communication, and young cancer survivors, cancer screening and prevention, big data analysis, the role in the field of nursing, etc. ,which fully demonstrated important roles and tasks of nurses in different areas of cancer. The multidisciplinary care team at the cancer center brings together nurse based physicians and trained pharmacists, assistant physicians, practice nurses and clinical research nurses to provide diagnosis and treatment services to patients.Nurses are playing an increasingly important role in cancer rehabilitation and survivor care.It is noteworthy that the conference also focuses on cross-cultural continuing nursing research collaboration, evidence-based nursing practice,which opens the door to cooperation in global nursing.

Through the GAP meeting, I’ve got a better understanding of the latest development in the field of oncology nursing research, and have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with international counterparts. I deeply felt that as the world’s top cancer center, advanced medical system, scientific operation and management are the key to improve the quality assurance. The combination of scientific research and clinical treatment provides a solid foundation for scientific research. Clinical trials put scientific research into clinical treatment, which in turn can support each other and complement each other, thus making MD Anderson the best in the United States in terms of cancer research and treatment. These management and ideas are very enlightening to me.

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