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The Office for Inheriting From Famous and Experienced TCM Doctors of China Setting UP in the Hospital

admin2016-01-05from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

-- Prof. Li Yueheng, TCM Tumor Expert is enlisted.

The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine released the name list of experts participating in program of constructing the Office for Inheriting From Famous and Experienced TCM Doctors of China and Prof. Li Yueheng, a TCM tumor expert of the hospital is included. 

After nearly half a century’s development, the TCM Department of the hospital has established its academic pattern characterized by treating tumors with traditional Chinese medicine. The department is one of bases appointed by the Ministry of Health for clinical study on TCM treatment of tumors, a key unit appointed by the State Administration of TCM for development in the 12th five-year period, and the key unit appointed by provincial authorities for development in the 11th five year period. Up to now, the department has 6 Master's tutors and 45 medical and nursing staff, who help constitute the teaching team of inheritors. And the team is mainly of doctorate and master diplomas and with clinical, educational and scientific research on equal footing.

Prof. Li Yueheng assuming the position of TCM consultant of the hospital is an expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council, and one of the advisers for inheriting academic experience of elderly TCM experts, chairman of the Professional Committee of Oncology of the Provincial Society of Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, member of the Professional Committee of TCM Tumor Treatment of World TCM Federation, and member of the Tumor Subcommittee of China Association of Chinese Medicine. Prof. Li Yueheng specializes in TCM treatment of tumors and pioneers in the province in carrying out clinical and experimental studies on treating tumors with TCM and using TCM to reduce toxic and side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is Prof. Li Yueheng who has created the special prescriptions, empirical prescriptions and treatment principles for TCM treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, breast cancer, nasopharynx cancer, malignant lymphoma and gynecological tumors, and established the system of TCM tumor treatment composed of theory, methods, prescriptions and medicine.     

During the 3 years’ construction period, the hospital will adhere to The Implementation Plan for Constructing Offices for Inheriting From Famous and Experienced TCM Doctors of China to collect, inherit and popularize Prof. Li Yueheng’s academic points and clinical experience concerning TCM treatment of tumors, so as to cultivate high-end talents for TCM tumor treatment and benefit more tumor patients. 

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