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Use Musical Notes to Unite Patients in Front-line of Confidence Against Cancer

admin2016-01-05from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

-- the Soul Music Concert themed “Emotional August, Flying Butterflies”(ceremony for celebrating establishment of “Federation of Patients with Thyropathy”) is held. 

Ms. Peng, a patient suffering from thyroid cancer said “in Hunan Cancer Hospital, I feel family warmth.” She received help from the Life Care Foundation of Hunan Cancer Hospital and joined the federation of patients with thyroid cancer. On August 25, the Soul Music Concert themed “Emotional August, Flying Butterflies”(ceremony for celebrating establishment of “Federation of Patients with Thyropathy”) , an event of Hunan Cancer Hospital Typhoid Health Awareness Week, was launched in the outpatient hall. Beautiful melody, touching musicals and healthy exercise to music rhyme make patients immersed in the sea of music.  

On the launching ceremony, the first “Federation of Patients with Thyropathy” is officially founded in Hunan, meanwhile 6 poverty-stricken thyropathy patients accepted aid from the Life Care Foundation of the hospital. President Liu Jingshi says thyroid cancer is a kind of solid tumor which progresses very slowly and has the highest survival rate and recovery rate among all cancers. We are here to establish the Federation of Patients of Thyropathy with a view to popularizing knowledge of the disease,building up confidence and strengthening determination to fight against thyroid cancer.   

After the launching ceremony, the Soul Music Concert themed “Emotional August, Flying Butterflies” is staged by the Spiritual Care Department, the Medical Department of Thyropathy, Party and Youth League Office and the Hospice. The concert comprises solos, musicals, instrument playing, chorus, music interaction, etc, which are performed jointly by medical and nursing staff and patients. During the interaction and communication, both medical and nursing staff and patients have undergone relieving and exciting mental experience. Besides the concert, charity sales and diagnosis activities are also held in the outpatient hall to help patients of thyropathy recover as soon as possible.      

It has been 2 years since Hunan Cancer Hospital ushered in “Music Therapy”, which makes it the first one in Hunan to introduce “music therapy” in tumor treatment. It is also a successful try of the “Spiritual Care” program of the hospital. Up to now, 5 soul music concerts have been held from which nearly 1,000 patients benefit.

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