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The Hospital Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Professor Moris Topaz

admin2016-11-21from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

For the surgery of cancer patients, there are always problems of big wound and difficult suture, as a second damage will be caused by taking skin flap from thigh or skin graft suture. Professor Moris Topaz of Israel invented the skin stretch device technology, which can close incisions like a zipper with small damage and fast recovery.

This expert, Professor Morris Topaz, has been given the title of ‘one of the fifteen most influential overseas experts in China's 30-year of reforming and opening’ by state administration of foreign experts affairs. In the afternoon of October 25th, he came to our hospital and had a discussion and communication with our experts in trauma treatment, wound repair, and so on. Then both sides signed a LOI for Cooperation, and the skin stretch device technology is expected to be used for patients with cancer in Hunan.    

‘Bethune in the earthquake region’ teaching in Hunan

As we known, Professor Moris Topaz has been involved in the medical relief work in Wenchuan, Sichuan and other earthquake areas, and has been hailed as ‘the Bethune in the earthquake region’.

On the day, Professor Morris Topaz was invited to give academic lectures to dozens of experts in our hospital, in which he focused on the clinical research and application case of using oxygen negative pressure and skin stretching technique in closure of wound with large soft tissue defect. In these cases, the problems of large wound and difficult suture were solved by the use of skin stretching technique. Moreover, Professor Morris Topaz explained how to use oxygen pressure and skin stretching technique to solve the problem of large area wound infection, and he showed the different treatment result and wound healing of patients through a series of vivid pictures about the traditional wound repair treatment and modern skin stretching technique (TopClosure). 

The video of skin stretching surgery led by professor Moris Topaz benefited the present doctors a lot. After the lecture, our doctors conducted a live question and exchanged WeChat account with Professor Topaz to stay in touch. After the meeting, Professor Moris Topaz visited the animal laboratory, operation room and ward.

Skin stretch device technology is expected to be introduced in Hunan

Professor Liu Xiangguo, president of our hospital, said that professor Morris Topaz is not only the friendship ambassador between China and Israel but also a good friend of our hospital. Through the bound effect brought from Professor Topaz, the communication and cooperation between our hospital and famous overseas oncology hospital would be strengthened. In the afternoon, on behalf of the hospital he signed a memorandum of cooperation with Professor Topaz, after which the skin stretch device technology is expected to be successfully introduced in Hunan, and this will benefit our cancer patients.

In this regard, Professor Zhou Xiao, the Secretary of the Party committee and vice president of our hospital, said that the skin stretching technique (Topclosure) is a new type of skin rapid expansion technique, with which the expansion of large number of skin during operation can immediately close some huge wound after tumor resection and reduce skin-grafting or skin flap to repair the wound. This technology is a good news for many cancer patients that worth further research and promotion. As oncology surgeons, radical resection of tumor is our responsibility, also we have the obligation to bring a healthy and beautiful life to every patient. He put forward the concept of ‘tumor plastic surgery’ and published the book Oncoplastic Surgery. He also led our hospital to open the first oncoplastic surgery research laboratory in our country.

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