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Mayo Clinic Management Tour Speaking in Our Hospital

admin2016-12-08from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Invited by President Liu Xiangguo, Mayo Clinic management tour speaking was successfully held at our hospital on Oct. 18, 2016. This meeting was presided over by vice President Liang Jianping, with a total of 220 mid-level management personnel in administrative and clinical departments participating. 

Doctor Muhanad Hirzallah made a lecture about “Building a Culture of Quality at MAYO CLINIC”, he firstly discussed the leader-level roles and responsibilities, and indicated the leaders must have following abilities during transformation period: looking far and aiming high, positive and optimistic; gathering all powers (other doctors and administrative leaders); properly handling obstruction; relieving obstacles/barriers; directly communicating with the staff; being responsible for changes personally. Aiming at the operation problems in medical fields, like patient safety: medical malpractices; patient satisfaction: hospitalizing duration and treatment seeking difficulty; high cost: many examinations, repetitive examinations, resources and ability. Doctor Muhanad warned us that problems couldn’t be resolved with ideas that brought about the problems, while distinguished process management strategy should be adopted to solve problems. He thought the traditional process aimed to improve efficiency of value-added activities, including prolonging the working time, reinforcing working strength, enhancing working speed, employing more staff and investing more equipment; while the elaborated process aimed to increase value flow through systematically avoiding consumption, including enhancing productivity and speed, which was more intelligent and safer. Finally, he also introduced a series of course projects of quality college for process improving, the training projects contain team and champion training, and the evaluation tools include application value flow chart, root cause analysis method, failure mode and effect analysis method and failure prevention method.

Human resource management expert Grace Gorringe made a speech about “leadership is most important”, she firstly indicated the importance of clinical leadership, thinking the high-efficiency clinical leadership can improve performance of medical and health care institutions, and the leading quality of competent doctors can affect health and satisfaction of doctors working in medical institutions. Then she analyzed the four characteristics for boosting leadership development, namely patient-oriented organization design, collaborative leadership structure, everyone-equal leaders selection, team-based development system. The leadership structure contains self leading, leading others and leading enterprises. Such three links are most important to any manager and any leader. The self leading refers to personal leadership, most important thing for a leader is to find his/her value corresponding to enterprise task, manage self behavior and emotion and serve others. Leading others refers to talent leadership, a leader should recruit, develop, invest and retain such talents, to realize objectives, and he/she should allocate new tasks, projects and responsibilities as per employee's specialties to challenge personal ability upgrading. Leading enterprises refers to business leadership, including manpower planning and recruitment, making vision, strategy and work plan, continuously striving to improve medical quality and safety, handling complicated business and changes, etc. Finally, she pointed out that the medical industry was under complicated and quick change period, more challenges and changes would exist in the future. Under such continuously developing and changing environment, we still should provide patients with best services as more as possible, and the medical institutions must have high-level technology and professional knowledge as well as skills. Meanwhile, we must develop the leadership and talent demands, to adapt to the future and obtain success.

Finally, the participants, combined with self management experiences, made a heated discussion on how to improve the staff’s participation, which measure (awards or punishment) is better in clinic and how to improve the leadership ability of nurses in clinical medical management and other aspects with the experts.

After meeting, all the participants believed that the training contents were very practical and they had a new understanding of their own management thinking. In the future hospital management, they will fully utilize the learned new management ideas in clinical management practices, so as to improve comprehensive management level of hospital.

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