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Camellia, Love of Life awarded as first prize of tea art innovation competition in the Third of Chinese Tea Olympic 2016

admin2016-12-08from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Our clinical spiritual care  team performed Camellia, Love of Life, which was awarded as first prize of tea art innovation competition in the Third of Chinese Tea Olympic 2016.

“To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, To Comfort Always.” Such quotes let more medical personnel heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and help and comfort the patients in benevolent heart. In Hunan Cancer Hospital, a medical team called “Spiritual Carers” care for the cancer patients in refreshing medical humanities spirit. They comfort the patients with tea zen, music, picture books, reading and other art forms, to help them to rebuild anti-cancer confidence. “Camellia, Love of Life” says a touching story that the spiritual carers relied on the tea art way to help a tea picking girl with cancer to firm the anti-cancer faith, cherish life and go out of haze. The hero of the story was a poor-family girl named Xiaoyue and engaged in tea picking, she was disheartened due to illness. She was negative about treatment and even wanted to give up treatment. At such time, the spiritual carer Doctor Liu knew about Xiaoyue’s situations, knowing that Xiaoyue loved drinking tea, she elaborately prepared a camellia party to drink tea for Xiaoyue and discuss tea art with Xiaoyue, they were both immersed in the world of camellia, where Xiaoyue forgot pain and troubles, she enjoyed the integration of tea and flowers, and raised new hope for life.

“Integrating the Tea Tao into life, reflecting medical humanities with art. By integrating tea tao into spiritual care, to comprehend the true meaning of life and experiencing life meaning in enjoying a cup of tea. By relying on tea tao and life tao, to let people rebuild confidence and hope, so, such tea art culture is deserved to be promoted very much!” This is the best appraisal of judges of the Third of Chinese Tea Olympic 2016 on Camellia, Love of Life.

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