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One Case of MR Technology- Assisted Breast Reconstruction Surgery Successfully Completed in Hunan Cancer Hospital

39Admin2017-04-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

      Recently, the Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Department(Head and Neck Surgery III Department) of our hospital used helmet holographic computing device of the HoloLens project to overlap the three-dimensional holographic images and realistic images, and successfully completed one case of Mr mixed reality technology - assisted breast reconstruction surgery. With the MR real technology, we not only removed the tumor precisely, but also greatly shortened the intraoperative time, and thus provided a safe and efficient surgical procedure for the patient. 

      As the first case receiving the Mr mixed reality technology - assisted breast reconstruction surgery, the breast cancer patient Ms. Cao felt she is “lucky among all unlucky people”. The unfortunate thing is that she was suffering from a tumor, and the fortunate thing is that, her breast tumor was removed with the new surgery and breast reconstruction was completed within only 6 hours. “Just like when I wake up, I find my tumor disappears but the breasts still exist!” she said with a smile.     

      At the end of 2016, she was found unusual enclosed mass on the right breast during the physical examination and diagnosed with breast cancer. When she learnt that the breast shape may be lost after radical surgery, she came to our hospital to seek for better therapeutic regimen. After learning her disease conditions, Professor Li Zan, director of Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Department(Head and Neck Surgery III Department)arranged her to hospitalize and provide proper surgical solution for her: resection of tumor with the Mr mixed reality technology, and reconstruction of breasts through femoral medial perforation flap free transplantation. 

      In order to further improve the safety of surgery, before operation, Dr. Song Dajiang from Head and Neck Surgery III Department, Dr. Shi Lei from Hepatobiliary and Intestinal Surgery Department, Dr. Song Bo from Diagnostic Radiology Department, and Dr. Luo Tao had careful communication and completed high-definition CTA scan data for the patient, precisely reconstructed the 3D model of the mass area, and designed the size and thickness of the flaps with corresponding area according to the tumor range and volume. In addition, they made 3D reconstruction of all larger perforation vessels of the abdomen, iliac groin region and the thighs, to intuitively and accurately show the anatomical information of blood vessels that are unable to show in traditional imaging data such as x-ray film, CT and MRI. Finally, director Li Zan carefully screened them and decided to design perforated flaps with exact area on the left side of the thigh, and produced a 1: 1 physical model through the 3D printing technology, finally accurately simulated the surgical resection range on the computer and physical mode

      After careful and detailed preoperative preparation, the operation was performed by Professor Li Zan on February 7, 2017. During the operation, professor Li wore the HoloLens glasses with the patient’s 3D image information to complete the resection and reconstruction surgery successfully in 6 hours. After careful care and treatment of the medical team, the patient recovered quickly, and the flaps healed smoothly; two weeks after surgery, the patient was recovered and discharged from the hospital.   

      For the Mr mixed reality technology - assisted breast reconstruction surgery, Zhou Xiao, the party secretary and director of Oncoplastic Surgery said that, “with the rapid development of 3D printing technology in the medical field, it has been widely used in oncoplastic surgery. The application of 3D modeling in tumor resection and flap repair can facilitate the accurate pre-operative planning and guide the development of surgical procedure and enhance the safety of the operation. However, traditional 3D modeling can not achieve real-time guidance in operation; therefore, it is a difficulty to implement the design program in the computer on the operating table in a real-time and accurate manner for the physicians of Oncoplastic Surgery.  Holoens glasses can make up the deficiency of 3D modeling. HoloLens glasses are described as ' surgery glass screen just like your surgery field of vision’. The case of Mr mixed reality technology surgery carried out in our hospital promoted the development of a variety of technologies in the related medical fields at home and abroad. By using 3D technology, the blood vessel position and number, tumor size, location and scope of invasion are reconstructed, and 3D surgical guide plate is prepared to refine the surgery. The multi-discipline cooperation combined with 3D technology provides new ideas and experiences for a variety of refractory tumor plastic surgery and repairation and reconstruction. According to the current applications of 3D reconstruction technology and Mr HoloLens mixed reality technology, the combination of advanced technology and clinical experiences and technologies can achieve much better effect than expected, and it is worthy of further study and extensive applications.”   


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