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Professor Yang Nong Gave Special Report in Chinese Lung Cancer Summit Forum

39Admin2017-04-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

      The fourteenth annual Chinese Lung Cancer Summit Forum, the highest grand meeting in the field of lung cancer in China, was held in Guangzhou on March 3-4, 2017. The theme of this forum is "Precision combined with immunotherapy: compose a new movement". Professor Yang Nong, director of Lung & Gastrointestinal Oncology Department in our hospital, gave a special report on “Thinking about the selection of clinical endpoints of advanced lung cancer” in the Forum. Besides, he gave speech for the joined discussion in lung cancer immune therapy session.    

      "As clinicians, what should we think about the endpoints of clinical trials? What kinds of subjects and interventions should be used for the selection of endpoints? What are the benefits for clinical practices when we thinking about them?” At the beginning of the report, professor Yang asked audiences a few questions. Actually, it is really worthy of thinking about these issues for experts, such as how to get good results in a short time, and how to speed up the approval of new anti-cancer drugs without influencing the reliability of results.   

      “The endpoint of clinical trials should provide a significant clinical benefit, and truly affect clinical practice. For verification trials, overall survival, progression-free survival, objective response rate and occurrence of safety events can be chosen as endpoints according to the different characteristics of patients with advanced lung cancer; while for the immune targeted therapy, we should consider the special clinical significance of new indexes such as immune related objective response rate (imORR) /PFS, duration of response (DOR), etc.” Yang Nong summarized in his report. 

      Lung cancer is a malignancy with the highest morbidity and mortality in china, and its incidence is on the rise year by year.  Immunotherapy is a hot research area in recent years. It is one of the most important therapeutic techniques after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy. This forum was divided in four parts for discussion as follows: “Application of immunotherapy in lung cancer; exploration of immunotherapy in lung cancer; lung cancer immunotherapy 2.0-prospect; lung cancer immunotherapy-consensus”, focusing on clinical applications of immune checkpoint inhibitors from the aspects of drug selection, target population, clinical efficacy, drug toxicity and adverse effects and the combination therapy, etc., and finally a consensus was reached on five points: 

I: Immunotherapy of lung cancer currently refers to the treatment of Checkpoint inhibitors;

II: Checkpoint inhibitors are not recommended for patients with driver genes mutation;  

III: The choice of PD-L1 positive patients can better meet the value of tumor treatment strategy;

IV: Attention should be paid to the specific toxicity and adverse effects of immunotherapy, and it should be cautious to use it in PS-2 and elderly lung cancer patients;  

V: It needs to explore strategies to overcome drug resistance.   

      Chinese Lung Cancer Summit Forum was found by the president of China Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) ,  Professor Wu Yilong and its team from CSCO. This forum was jointly organized by CSCO and the branch of lung cancer of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA). Yang Nong, as an expert of precision medicine in lung cancer field, is the first scholar of our hospital who made special report on the forum, and this is his second time to attend the forum as a reporter for two consecutive years, which shows that the precise diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in our hospital has been among the first–class level in china.   

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