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Resolving Difficulty of “Double Cancer” for Patients by Using 3D Printing Combined with Augmented Reality in Our Hospital

39Admin2017-04-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

      Recently, the Urinary Surgery Department of our hospital has successfully performed the complete tumor resection for a case of renal tumor patient by using the world's advanced technology - 3D printing technology combined with augmented reality (AR) through precise positioning, reserved the patient’s renal functions to the greatest extent!      

      The patient Mr.Huang  from Hunan Yiyang, received a surgical treatment due to “lung cancer” in June 2016. In the recent review, he was found right renal tumor. After discussion, our expert’s team of  Urinary Surgery Department believed that the patient has a double cancer, and it possibly needs to control lung tumor by chemotherapy; to receive the chemotherapy, the kidney function must be reserved as far as possible. According to the preoperative examination, the patient's tumor is located close to the renal hilus, and 90% of which is in the renal parenchyma. So, it is very difficult to remove the tumor while reserving the kidney.     

      After repeating demonstrations, the expert’s team of urinary surgery decided to perform laparoscopic partial nephrectomy of right kidney using 3D printing technology combined with AR. The reason is that the correlation between tumor location and renal blood vessels and collecting system can be known according to the 3D model of right kidney printed from patient’s image data; and a plan can be developed, then the AR technology is used to overlap the reconstructed right kidney image on the computer and the real-time laparoscopic image, to resect the tumor according to the resection line on the screen, and achieve the "precision surgery” in a real sense.       

      After adequate preoperative preparation, under the guidance of Han Weiqing, director of  Urinary Surgery Department, Xie Yu, deputy director and doctors Ye Mingji, Pei Xiaming, Liu Chun jointly completed the 3D printing technology and AR-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy of right kidney. There are no more than 20 ml of bleeding during the operation; and only three incisions of about 1.5 cm are left on the patient’s body surface, with minimal trauma.    

      The patient recovered well after operation and his/her renal function were basically same as that before operation. Dr. Xie Yu said, bibliographic retrieval showed that 3D printing technology and AR-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy is a leading technology in the world and is the first used domestically. This new technology can reserve the patient’s renal functions to the greatest extent while complete resection of tumor, creating a new method for treatment of renal tumor in china, which will benefit more patients with renal tumor. 

Augmented Reality (AR):  

      Augmented Reality (shortened form AR) is a technology  that can calculate the position and angle of camera images in a real-time manner and add corresponding images. The goal of this technology is to put the virtual world in the real world and interact with it on the screen. This technology was first put forward in 1990. AR system has three prominent features: ① integration of information in the real world with the virtual world; ② real-time interaction; ③ adding positioning virtual objects in the 3D scale space. With the increase in computing power of electronic products, AR is extensively applied in various fields. In the medical field, AR can be used to achieve accurate positioning of the surgical sites by surgeons.    

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