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12320 Theme Propaganda Activity of Hunan Province Was Launched in Our Hospital

39Admin2017-04-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

      March 20, 2017 is the sixth national “12320" Day. The theme of this year is “12320, I Help You for Reasonable Diets”. In the morning of March 20, the opening ceremony of “12320" Day, organised by Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, was launched in  Hunan Cancer Hospital. 

      Li Weiwei, Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC) of Hunan Province, Xiang Lili, Vice Governor of The People’s Government of Hunan Province, Ouyang Bin, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Hunan Province, Qing Jianwei, Secretary General of CPPCC of Hunan Province, Mao Xuejun, standing member of CPPCC of Hunan Province and director of Culture, Education, Health and Sports Committee of CPPCC of Hunan Province, Ning Zili, the provincial government inspector and director of Fourth Secretariat of The People’s Government of Hunan Province, Chen Xiaochun, Director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, Peng Zhenguo, Deputy Director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, Liu Xiangguo, President of Hunan Cancer Hospital, Zhou Xiao, Party Secretary of Hunan Cancer Hospital were present.       

      Around 9:30, a.m., Li Weiwei, Xiang Lili and other personnel came to 12320 consultation station in the hall of Hunan Cancer Hospital, and three experts were answering questions about the diets and tumors from patients. In the 12320 call center, the on-duty doctor Hu Ying was just back from the hotline answering questions from a diabetic patient. She told Li Weiwei, the call center is on duty around the clock, and it can provide health advices for a number of people every day.         

     At the ensuing symposium, Chen Xiaochun, director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province briefed the progress of medical and health system reform in Hunan province, and talked the issues reported by media such as lack of compensations of some public hospitals, default of drug fees and gray incomes in the health industry, etc. He said, comprehensive reform of public hospitals would be accelerated and efforts would be made to promote “three-medical linkage” of medical treatment, medical insurance and medicines.   Liu Xiangguo, president of Hunan Cancer Hospital made a report on the work of the hospital, introduced the hospital development progress and status quo, development goals and medium-term and long-term planning, the current difficulties and development bottlenecks, and the problems to be solved, etc..   

       "The issues that the people concern about are the focus of our work." Li Weiwei fully affirmed the achievements made by 12320 Consulting Center and the province's health care system reform work. She said, with the improvement of living standard, people’s requirement and expectations to medical and health service levels are increasingly high, which put forward higher requirements for the party committee and government. For the difficulties faced by public hospitals, the Government should actively pay close attention and promote to solve them, strive to improve the level of medical and health services. It is necessary to speed up the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, to solve the difficulty of getting medical services; to actively improve the function and role of 12320 platform, expand publicity, so that more people know and use this platform.

    It is reported that Hunan 12320 Health Hotline and Hunan Medical Association will establish a health advisory expert group composed of chairmen of professional committees as the group leaders, and form a strong 12320 health advisory team which will rely on the 12320 health hotline as a platform and provide health advisory services for people and meet their increasing health needs. 

    Hunan Cancer Hospital will make efforts to build a two-way “green channel" and telemedicine education platform for health examination; and increase publicity efforts to mobilize the hospital's resources, actively organize and guide experts  with the help of the 12320 free health public welfare platform; and through on-site consultation, health knowledge lectures and other means, strive to improve the health awareness of people, cultivate their rational diet nutrition ideas. Besides, the hospital will strengthen communication with the majority of primary healthcare institutions, to enhance the diagnosis and treatment level of primary medical institutions and make due contributions for improving the level of cancer prevention and control in the whole province. 



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