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A Young Doctor’s Bond to TCM in Sierra Leone

39Admin2018-09-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

On July 7, 2018, Xie Weibin accomplished the one-year mission to aid Africa in Sierra Leone after his departure from China. He returned to Hunan with the 19th medical team to aid Sierra Leone. 

Xie Weibin, 36 years old, a Doctor of Medicine and an attending physician, is a young doctor from the Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Hunan Cancer Hospital. He is a young member in TCM and Western Medicine Tumor Committee and is skilled at acupuncture and TCM treatment. He was once selected as a volunteer for Beijing Olympics, 2008. He was a translator for the 19th medical team of China (Hunan) to aid Africa and a physician and team head assistant in the TCM Department. 

On May 29, 2017, Xie Weibin and 30 members of the medical team headed for Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe to enforce a one-year-long mission on medical aid to a foreign country. In the faraway country beleaguered with tropical diseases, they provided health guarantee for ethnic Chinese living in Sierra Leone and local people, and brought spiritual comfort and family-like warmth. 

During his stay in Africa, Xie Weibin, a TCM doctor, helped to establish the first Regulated TCM Diagnosis Room in China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital from scratch so that TCM took root in the poverty-stricken country. It successfully cured over 3000 local people and ethnic Chinese who suffered painful diseases. After ‘August 15’ Big Torrential Flood and Debris Flow Disaster in Freetown, Capital of Sierra Leone in 2017, he helped the team head in coming over to the frontline of the disaster-stricken area to give medical assistance to people in Sierra Leone. It caused big resonance in the international consensus back then. To further promote TCM during his stay in Sierra Leone, he enrolled a local black doctor to learn after him and help him get initial techniques of TCM, which laid the foundation for TCM to prosper in the country.

Despite clinical work, he did never stop writing and published over 40 articles on science popularization in a foreign language that introduced Chinese medical teams and traditional Chinese medical science in Awoko, the mainstream media in Sierra Leone. He was in charge of translating annual work reports and work prospects for the upcoming five years in department in charge of health in Sierra Leone. By rooting in the fact that Sierra Leone is easily hit by Ebola, he assisted in compiling books on medical science. To further promote TCM and Chinese language, he worked with Confucius Institute at University of Sierra Leone and opened the first Chinese Language Teaching Center in China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital. Within a limited duration, he insisted to hold around ten teaching classes on Chinese language in an effort to cultivate learning atmosphere for Chinese language in the Hospital. It received intense warmth from medical staffs in Sierra Leone. 

As assistant to the team head, Xie Weibin assisted the team head in planning out and organizing large-scaled activities for many times such as first visit to Sierra Leone by Peace Ark, campus travel and diagnosis of medical teams to the century-old University of Sierra Leone, first education platform on patriotism in the Hospital, and first Chinese language teaching center in the Hospital. He contributed greatly to further implementation of various tasks of the medical teams in Sierra Leone and made great efforts to receive awards and reception of the incumbent president for the 19th Medical Team from China (Hunan) to Aid Sierra Leone for the first time. 

When talking about his perception on assistance to Africa, Xie Weibin exclaimed, ‘Assistance to Africa is by no means done by a short time or a specific individual. On the first day when I got the mission, I knew that assistance to Africa did not hinge on me. But it is also my firm belief that I am part of it’.

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