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Final for Good Voice of Science Popularization in Hunan Cancer Hospital

39Admin2018-09-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Can children be fed with food crunched by the senior? How to prevent Hepatitis C? Do you know about the most ‘hidden’ killer in a woman? Stay tuned to good voice on science popularization and deliver positive energy on medication. On September 5, “China Festival for Doctors” and “Life as Utmost Important, Be a Good Oncology Doctor without Regret” Propaganda Series and the final for the first “Sound of Medication-Good Voice for Science Popularization” was launched. Programs on science propaganda elaborately arranged by 20 teams were launched and were greeted with good praise by judges and patients present.

The opening ceremony for the final was hosted by Wang Jing, Vice President of Hunan Cancer Hospital. Wang Qiang, Deputy Director of Propaganda Office of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, Liu Xiangguo, President of Hunan Cancer Hospital and leaders in the hospitals attended the ceremony. 

According to Wang Qiang, Deputy Director of Propaganda Office of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province, medical science popularization is of utmost importance for popularity on medication and health and is the intrinsic requirement and outstanding performance of public welfare of medical course. Hunan Cancer Hospital puts down the footnotes for China Festival for Doctors in the means of “good voice for science popularization” so as to conduct efficient communication of medical common sense with scientific content, novel perspective, simple language and vivid performance. It both enriches forms of medical science popularization and raises the team’s cohesion and combativeness. It is a means for popularization of medical science that is worthy of being advocated and praised.

According to Liu Xiangguo, President of Hunan Cancer Hospital, “good voice for science popularization” is aimed at fostering and improving competence of medical staffs on knowledge and use of science popularization so that the world would get to know glamor of popularization on medical science and baptism of the knowledge of medical science. It is to provide textures and excavate talents for building of TV station and live broadcasting room inside the hospital.

Can ‘serious and stiff’ female doctor show up in monologue comic talk? Audiences were amazed when the host introduced the program. Tong Fei from the Outpatient Department of the Hospital went to the stage. With standard mandarin and allergro, she gave a performance on ‘a doctor’s convincing of a patient to see the psychologist’. She started from Su Shi’s celebrated dictum and ended with common sense on mental health. The program innovative in both form and content helps the audiences  to acquire knowledge on science popularization and get rejoiced. It received thunderous applause.

Treatment of tumor by Integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine has been received with good effects in Hunan Cancer Hospital. In particular, ailment cured by traditional Chinese medicine has obvious effect. To help more people enjoy the benefit of TCM health preservation, the Department of TCM and Department of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine demonstrated ‘Qigong for health preservation – Baduanjin’ with performance and elaboration. Many viewers on the spot took videos by mobile phones and claim that they also intend to learn Qigong to be healthier.

The senior would purchase health care products through TV and wives would buy ‘vitamins’ from the overseas for their kids through the shopping websites. Such ‘drug misunderstandings’ can’t be averted for family of pharmacists. The Department of Pharmacy in the hospital delivered common sense on healthcare products, pharmacies, standard procurement of drug and use of drug in a jocular way in its scene play. People felt amazed at their interesting lines and rich performance. 

With departments as the unit, this activity drew participation of 49 clinical departments. After the 5-hour-long initial competition for the preliminary round on August 16, Top 20 programs were determinted following the on-spot points. The 20 teams brought out knowledge on science popularity to the audience in varying forms covering lectures, scene play, comic talk and allegro by starting from their daily work. They received incessant applause. ‘Go to see a psychologist’, the monologue comic talk from the Outpatient Department got the champion of the first “Good Voice for Science Popularization” of the hospital. 

According to Liu Xiangguo, doctors from the hospital got engaged in the rehearsal despite a busy schedule at work from the preliminary round to the final for the hope of demonstrating science popularization to more patients and audience through the competition and more people would get to know common sense on ailments, and learn about intention of the doctors, so as to construct and boost the harmonious doctor-patient relationship. 

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