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“Academician Forum” discussed about development of tumor orthopedics in Xingcheng

admin2014-09-03from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Hosted by Traumatology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, the Tumor Plastic Branch of Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Association of pharmaceutical biotechnology, co-organized by Hunan Cancer Hospital, the “Tumor Plastic Surgery and Tumor Immunotherapy Academician Forum" was held in Changsha on June 8th. Over 20 domestic tumor experts including Fu Xiaobing, Hao Xishan, Yu Jinming, Wang Wei, Cao Yilin, Qi Zuoliang, Guo Shuzhong, Zhou Xiao, Wu Sufan, Huzhi Qi, Lin Xiaoxi, Xing Xin, Huang Xiaoyuan, Long Jianhong brought together in Xincheng, discussing and exploring deeply on new technologies of wound healing tissue regeneration, individualized treatment of tumors. Oncology Plastic Surgery created by Professor Zhou Xiao from Hunan Cancer Hospital attracted attentions of the forum.

Fu Xiaobing, the Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery of Chinese Medical Association Branch introduced that with the extensive use of tumor orthopedic technology, it played an important role in promoting functional recovery and improving quality of life of cancer patients as for some patients with devastating functional loss and morphology destruction, especially in helping patients with a positive attitude to participate in social life. The development of tumor orthopedics concerned the experts at home and abroad. This forum provided new ideas and reference for clinical surgical methods of Hunan and national cancer surgeon, meaning a "milestone" for the development of tumor orthopedics.

Fu Xiaobing pointed that the cross and collision between disciplines often breed a new direction of development, and academician forum was a new scholarly communication, allowing top experts in various disciplines discussing about one special topic. This academic exchange could promote the construction of new disciplines, bring more innovation and harvest.

The president of Hunan Cancer Hospital Liu Jingshi believed academician forum could establish a horizontal cooperation stage for tumor orthopedics and cancer prevention, forming high-level academic exchange network. The development of discipline should focus on analyzing tissue samples and clinical data, strengthen basic research and laboratory construction, with particular attention to clinical tissue samples and a large sample of case data. On one hand, it would help actively explore new modes of comprehensive cancer treatment and to promote standardization and personalization of cancer treatment. On the other hand, it would promote development of both tumor orthopedics and tumor immunotherapy.

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