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Team of Translational Study on Radiotherapy Cooperating in Setting Up the 1st Provincial Key Laboratory of Our Hospital

admin2016-01-05from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Recently, news from Hunan Provincial S&T Department reads that application for setting up “Hunan Provincial Key Lab for Translational Medicine of Tumor Radiotherapy”has been approved. The application is initiated by Mr. Wang Hui, a professor in the 1st Department of Thoracic Radiology of the hospital and chairman of the Professional Committee of Radiology of Hunan Anti-cancer Association. With support and instructions from hospital leaders, the project cultivated by radiotherapy experts of Prof. Hu Bingqiang and Prof. Xi Xuping excels among many others passing through screening reviews and finally is approved by Hunan S&T Department (Approval Ref No.: 2015TP1009). It is the first provincial key lab set up by a provincial medical and health unit in Hunan, while it is also the first provincial key lab focusing on “translational medicine of radiotherapy” in China. 

Radiotherapy is one of the main therapies for tumors. About 80% of tumor patients need to receive radiotherapy, which is an important radical therapy for tumors commonly seen in China, like nasopharynx cancer, early and middle stage lung cancer, esophagus cancer and cervical cancer, etc. However, one problem that has been bothering the doctors at clinical diagnosis and treatment is that uniform dosages of radiotherapy and chemotherapy may result in over-treatment while inadequate intensity of treatment may not contain the tumor development or result in recurring tumors.  Translational study on radiotherapy intends to benefit patients in the future by doing clinical and molecular biological experiments.

The Radiotherapy Department of our hospital is one of the first key departments approved for establishment by Hunan Provinical Health and Family Planning Commission ( former Hunan Provincial Health Department). Since its establishment, the Radiotherapy Department has been receiving particular attention and support from leaders of the hospital. In 2012, Prof. Wang Hui began to preside over the “lab for translational medicine of radiotherapy”, which was a key lab construction project in the radiotherapy department. By further integrating talents of the subject team and encouraging cooperation inside the large team, the subjects related with radiotherapy for lung cancer were given support by Hunan Provincial S&T Department in 2013 (Ref No.:2013SK2017), while the subject of radiotherapy for nasopharynx cancer was provided financial aid by National Natural Science Foundation in August 2014 (Ref No.:81472802). Also in 2014, the subject of combined surgery of nasophageal cancer with neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy earned support from MD Anderson Cancer Center of US Texas State University, our sisterhood hospital.

Prof. Wang Hui just published in the Carcinogenesis, an oncology journal enjoying international fame, the essay “Radiogenomics helps to achieve personalized therapy by evaluating patient responses to radiation treatment”(PMID: 25604391), which helps perfect the concept and content of “radiotherapy genomics” and blazes the trail for translational study on personalized radiotherapy. “Hunan Provincial Key Lab for Translational Medicine of Tumor Radiotherapy” succeeding in being approved means not only acknowledgment by Hunan Provincial S&T Department of our clinical and research work related to tumor radiotherapy, but also more responsibilities and encouragement for us. Prof. Wang Hui remarked that in the years to come we will make good use of this platform during the work and open the platform to both domestic and foreign colleagues and we will commit ourselves to hatching more innovations to serve patients suffering from tumors. 

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